Apprenticeship: Cosmetology and Barbering

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Apprenticeship is a two-part employer’s training program. The employer provides On-the-Job Training (OJT) and the employee attend Related Instruction classes. OJT for Cosmetology and Barbering is 3000 hours.  You must first register with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (VADOLI) by having your employer call (703) 392-0900 ext 102 & 131. There is no charge for VADOLI’s service.

You must complete the apprenticeship related instruction before you can complete the apprenticeship program.  You can attend classes at Fairfax County Public Schools Adult Education program or study on your own.  If you study on your own or have taken classes elsewhere, you can complete the related instruction requirement by taking a test called Credit-By-Exam.  Classes are Monday Evenings at Plum Center.

The related instruction is conducted over two terms: terms run September - January and February – June. Attend class to receive help with specific topics. Class fees are good for one calendar year. When you attend the classroom course, you receive instruction via lecture, have your unit exams proctored, get guidance on what areas you need to focus on, participate in question/answer periods with the instructor and have the opportunity to take the Credit-By-Exam periodically during the school year at no extra charge.

When you complete your related instruction and you’re OJT, call your VADOLI representative at (703) 392-0900, so they can document your apprenticeship completion. Documentation includes the Apprenticeship Related Instruction coordinator’s signature verifying your related instruction and your employer’s signature verifying the completion of your OJT. VADOLI then generates your official Apprenticeship Completion Certificate. This certificate is your proof of eligibility to sit for the state boards. The state board includes a written and a practical exam. For information on state boards, visit:

Our program is competency based; therefore, you can take the Credit-By-Exam instead of taking and passing the full series of lecture classes and the accompanying 30 competency exams. Students must pass either the Credit-By-Exam or all 30 competency exams.

Credit-By-Exams are given twice per term at The Plum Center. For exam dates, call the Apprenticeship office at 703-658-2727. The Credit-By-Exam fee is currently $150 each time you take the exam. Registration may be completed by phone or in person.

Call the Apprenticeship Office at (703) 658-2727 for further information.