FCPS Virtual Program

Welcome to the FCPS Virtual Program

This program provides virtual instruction to support students who have a documented medical need related to COVID-19 and were approved to attend. The staff are committed to nurturing the instructional and social emotional needs of students and supporting their successful transition to in-person learning at the end of the 2021-22 school year or, if they are able, at the end of the first semester. As the return to in-person learning is anticipated, students will remain co-enrolled in their base schools and be eligible for services and programs provided there.


FCPS Parent Consent Form

Click the link to view and SIGN the parent consent form for other FCPS approved digital resources.  The form will open on August 11th.


Please use links to report an absence:

Attendance Phone Line:  571-982-1989 




FCPS Virtual Program Administrators

Fred Amico


Brandon Kosatka

Director of Student Services

Fred Amico Brandon Kosatka

Dana Walker

Secondary Principal

Katie Aldridge

Elementary Principal

Dana Walker Katie Aldridge


The FCPS Virtual Program is currently at capacity and unable to consider additional applications for enrollment.

Note: Fairfax County Public Schools is not legally obligated to provide virtual instruction to students.


FCPS Virtual Program

Kindly send an email with questions to:

[email protected]


Our Virtual Program teachers and staff are are excited to work with the program's students and families! Click to find out more about our amazing Virtual Program staff:

FCPS Virtual Program Staff