Alternative High Schools

Serving students in grades 9-12 (ages 17-22) whose life circumstances could result, or have resulted, in an interruption of their education or in their dropping out of school; or students who may need a smaller school environment to thrive.

FCPS supports two alternative high schools (AHS):  Bryant High School and Mountain View High School

These schools offer credit courses leading to a high school diploma. FCPS provides transportation to all school-aged students.

The population consists of:

  • students who may need a flexible or extended program to accommodate their work or family requirements 
  • students who may be pregnant or parenting
  • students for whom English is a second language 
  • older students who are returning to finish courses to earn a diploma  
  • students who are administratively placed by the Fairfax County School Board

Consult your child's school counselor to learn more.