Dream-Catchers Program

Working with students in achieve their dreams to attend and graduate from college.

Sometimes, the obstacles can seem like too much. Sometimes, students feel like they have to keep give up on their dream, or never dream at all that they can make it college. The Dream-Catchers program is there to help students to never forget and to never give up.

The program is a partnership with George Mason University. Students enrolled in FCPS Alternative High Schools and Nontraditional School Programs are given a mentor from George Mason University. Together, the student and mentor participate in a variety of activities, from learning more about how to apply to college to just a simple lunch to chat about hopes and aspirations.

The program begins in the last two years of high school and continues throughout four years of college at George Mason. Sometimes, the relationships continue even beyond college, just like they did for Matthew and his mentor. Watch and see how the program impacted him.

For additional information, contact your child’s school counselor or call 571.423.4202.