Strategic Plan Student Survey

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Results of Student Survey

The results of the Strategic Plan Student Survey were published in January 2023. The survey was offered in schools during November 2022.

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What Is the Strategic Plan Student Survey?

Fairfax County Public Schools took part in a survey for students to provide feedback that will be used to develop a strategic plan that will be the roadmap for the school division over the next five years. This survey will provide information on the priorities of FCPS students to Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid as she leads the planning of FCPS' future. Learn more about the strategic planning process.

Student Surveys

The Strategic Plan Student Survey took about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Responses to the survey will give us valuable insight into what is important to students. 

The survey was voluntary. However, we wanted all students in Grades 3 to 12 to take part in it. There was no penalty if a child did not participate. The survey was designed to protect your child’s privacy and is anonymous. Students did not put their names on it. Students could skip any questions they did not want to answer and could stop taking the survey at any point – it was completely their choice.

Please follow the links below to see the survey questions.

Use of Survey Responses

FCPS will be using an outside consultant to help develop the strategic plan. Part of their work will be to analyze responses from the student survey and to provide that analysis to Dr. Reid. This information will be shared with the community and will play a key role in building the Strategic Plan. Remember, survey responses will be collected anonymously. No student will ever be named in any report of the survey results.

Taking the Survey

Schools administered the survey between November 2-18 to students in grades 3-12 who had not been opted out by their parents/caregivers. Each school identified the best date and time for their students to participate in the survey. The survey link was emailed to students’ accounts, but school staff led students in taking the survey.  

Videos About the Survey 

Students were able to view the following videos about the survey.

English Video - Grade 3-6 Survey Introduction (Below)

English Video - Grade 7-12 Survey Introduction (Below)

Spanish Video - Grade 7-12 Survey Introduction

Korean Video - Grade 7-12 Survey Introduction

Opt Out Offered Until October 28

Parents/guardians were offered the ability to opt their student out of the survey by completing an electronic or paper form, which was due October 28.


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