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We encourage you to review the following data, which is being shared with strategic planning teams to help inform their work.

Data Resources Reviewed by Strategic Planning Teams

Strategic Planning Committees - Data Resources

Highlights of Student Achievement (Exhibit 2.A)  

Revised version of the data packet used by Strategic Planning Committees in November-December 2022 

  • The Highlights of Student Achievement (Exhibit 2.A) provides a selection of student outcomes and access indicators for use with the Performance Fact Inc. 4-Lens Data Analysis Protocol. This revised packet includes corrections, clarifications, and enhancements made to the printed data packet used in strategic planning team meetings. 
  • A summary of corrections made to the packet based on team member feedback can be found with committee data resources on the Strategic Planning Committees webpage. 
Strategic Plan Data Glossary, Winter 2022-23  

Explanation of indicators reviewed by the Strategic Planning Committees in November-December 2022.

  • The Strategic Plan Data Glossary explains what each indicator measures, how calculations were made, and how data was reported for the Highlights of Student Achievement data packets.
  • Page numbers in this resource align to those in the Highlights of Student Achievement (Exhibit 2.A), linked above.  

Highlights of Student Survey Results (Survey_Composite_A) 

Student survey data packet from used by the Strategic Planning Committees in January-March 2023

Community Forums - Data Resources

Highlights of Student Achievement for Community Forum (2.A)  

Combined data packet used by Strategic Planning Community Forums in January-March 2023

View data questions and answers (Q&A) from strategic planning team meetings

Supplemental Reports to Support Strategic Planning Conversations

The following reports are offered in response to specific requests from team members during November-December 2022 strategic planning team meetings. The information in these reports is meant to supplement the Highlights of Student Achievement data packets (see links under Data Resources Reviewed by Strategic Planning Teams above).  

  • Gender-Based Highlights of Student Experiences This report provides outcome and access data reflecting student experiences by gender, including non-binary students, for selected indicators.
  • SOL vs. VAAP Detailed State Assessment Outcomes - This report supplements the state assessment data by offering a breakdown of state assessment outcomes over three years by test type, Standards of Learning (SOL) versus Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP). The report provides detailed test outcomes for students with disabilities by primary disability type.
  • Diploma Details for 4-Year Graduation Outcomes - This report supplements the 4-year graduation data by offering a breakdown of diploma type earned by student group over three years, including applied studies diplomas. The report provides detailed diploma outcomes for students with disabilities by primary disability type. 
  • Postsecondary Outcomes for Students with Disabilities - This report provides a summary of outcomes and feedback for students who left FCPS in SY 2020-21 and had individualized education programs (IEPs) in effect at the time they left school. The responses highlighted in this report represent a combination of state and division survey questions collected approximately one year after the students left FCPS.

Other Data Sources for Reference and Exploration 

Division, county, and state entities produce a variety of data resources that may provide additional context for team members as they participate in the FCPS strategic planning process this year. 

Fairfax Data Resources

Data Resource Description
Fairfax County Youth Survey Site offers an online dashboard and additional information about the Youth Survey.
FCPS Equity Profile Enrollment data for the current year and outcome data for the prior year are published annually in February or March. Reported metrics are aligned to the Strategic Plan identified by the School Board for reporting during school years 2018-2020, with goals for Student Success, Caring Culture, Premier Workforce, and Resource Stewardship. 
Strategic Plan 2018-20 - Final Reports

Reports provide status and progress data for Strategic Plan metrics previously identified by the School Board for reporting during school years 2018-2020 

Virginia Data Resources 

Resource Description
Virginia School Quality Profiles Provides multiple views of school, division, and statewide success including assessment results, enrollment, college-career readiness, financial investment, learning climate, teacher quality, and school readiness.
Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Statistics and Reports Provides a variety of public data including enrollment and demographics, assessment results, graduation outcomes, and school climate reports.
Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS)

Evolving data tool provides a long term lens on pass rates and secondary/post-secondary success. 


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