Strategic Plan 2019: Reporting and Monitoring

Reporting Structure for School Board Oversight and Monitoring of the Plan


The overall approach is to give the School Board and the community a quarterly update/report on the Strategic Plan, focused both on the work accomplished and the results achieved. In addition, the report will outline major Strategic Plan activities for the coming year that are designed to address areas in need of improvement. Each quarterly report will provide a comprehensive review of one of the four Strategic Plan goals areas, with a secondary focus on essential updates in the other three goal areas. In addition to these reports, the School Board will have the opportunity in June of each year to reassess the plan and make necessary adjustments to content and time lines.


These updates will involve three components – a written draft report, a work session to discuss the draft report, and a public presentation on the final report. The report will focus on the work accomplished and the measures and metrics that the School Board has identified for monitoring. Data  and information not included for School Board monitoring, but important for internal monitoring, will become part of the Strategic Plan monitoring process and will be available to the School Board through online access.


July: Goal Area 4, Resource Stewardship                                                                                                       

This goal area will be reviewed annually in July to assist the School Board in setting priorities for the next fiscal year budget development cycle.

September/October: Goal Area 3, Premier Workforce

This goal area will be reviewed in the fall to review critical hiring measures and to assess professional development and staffing needs for the coming year.

December/January: Goal  Area 1, Student Success                                                                                      

This goal area will be discussed at the conclusion of the 2nd quarter to share student performance results from the previous school year. This review of past performance will assist in annual planning for academic and social/emotional needs, as well as updating long- term planning to address student learning performance by adjusting Strategic Plan actions.

March/April: Goal Area 2, Caring Culture                                                                                                       

This goal area will be discussed during the spring to review performance results from the previous school year and to develop the focus for cultural aspects that should be the priority for the coming school year.

June: Assessment of Progress                                                                                                                       

Based on overall progress toward accomplishing identified desired outcomes, the School Board will have an opportunity to make necessary adjustments to plan content and time lines.


One of the intended outcomes of the Strategic Plan is to develop an online system to monitor key metrics in Division operations. The development of a dashboard will be tiered to provide information at the classroom level, school level, Division level,  Board level, and public community level, so that key measures of performance are readily available on an on-going basis to their intended audience.