Strategic Plan: Planning Process

Overview of the development of the Strategic Plan

In Phase I of the strategic planning process, data were collected through individual School Board and Superintendent interviews as well as through focus groups with community members, parents, teachers, administrators, and middle and high school students. In addition, surveys were made available to the community, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and students. Once data were collected, ECRA analyzed, synthesized, and triangulated the results to identify recurrent themes and trends, which are reflected in the research findings.

The model below is a visual representation of the strategic planning process. It identifies the level of engagement involved in the development of various components of the Strategic Plan


Conduct Research

Document the current state of reality and the desired future position of the Division.


Develop Strategic Plan

Create a framework for broad direction and priorities for the future in a formal Strategic Plan document.


Develop Implementation Plan

Develop and document specific steps that will be taken in order to accomplish the goals identified in the Strategic Plan.

  • Conducted 14 individual School Board and superintendent interviews
  • Conducted 37 focus groups with key stakeholder populations (engaged 851 stakeholders)
  • Reviewed mission, vision, and guiding principles of the Division
  • Reviewed archival data and reports provided by the Division
  • Administered surveys of key stakeholder populations (1,673 students, 8,290 parents, 7,315 employees, and 11,172 community members participated)
  • Performed rigorous analysis of student achievement data




  • Documented mission, vision, guiding principles, and the future direction desired by stakeholders
  • Facilitated School Board work session to review the mission, vision, guiding principles, and strategic goals.
  • Developed the Strategic Plan document to serve as a broad outline to guide the future direction of the division. The
  • Strategic Plan contains:
    • Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles
    • Research Findings
    • Goals
    • Overarching Strategies
    • Desired Outcomes
    • Actions
    • Metrics


  • Facilitate School Board and administrator planning meetings
  • Develop the Strategic Implementation Plan which contains the following:
    • Overarching Strategies
    • Desired Outcomes
    • Actions
    • Tasks
    • Metrics
    • Person Responsible