Strategic Plan 2019: Introduction

A framework for decision-making


Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is a high-performing school division located in Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. FCPS serves approximately 187,000 students from diverse family backgrounds. Division schools have operated in eight clusters. However, the Division recently reconfigured their operation into five regions to increase efficiencies and improve operations.

Stakeholders are proud of the Division’s reputation for excellence. FCPS graduates are successful in college and career endeavors. With a dedication to continuous improvement and educational excellence, FCPS leaders have developed a strategic plan for the Division, with students as the center of focus.

The Strategic Plan will provide a framework for decision making that builds upon a common mission, vision, and guiding principles held by the community. A broad spectrum of data were utilized in the development of a Strategic Plan that reflects a shared consensus among stakeholders. The strategic planning process included extensive outreach with stakeholders invited to participate in both focus groups and
surveys. Community member, parent, employee, and student input provided the basis for the plans’ development. The Strategic Plan is the result of sound research and represents the shared values and priorities of the Division’s stakeholders.

Contained in this report is an overview of the planning process, data sources, and a summary of findings. With a clear mission, vision, and guiding principles, the Strategic Plan describes the Division’s priorities in the ongoing work to achieve continuous improvement.