Strategic Plan Goal 4: Resource Stewardship

We commit to champion the needs of our school communities and be responsible stewards of the public’s investment.

Efficient Budgeting and Allocation

What Fiscal budgeting and allocation will maximize FCPS effectiveness and efficiency.

How Enhance FCPS process for allocating resources to consider strategic initiatives, equity, and effectiveness.


  • FCPS will maintain a cost per pupil ± $1,000 of the average cost per pupil of the Washington Area Boards of Education (WABE) average.
  • All schools will have adequate classroom space for students, eliminating the need for trailers.
  • All spending will be allocated using the Strategic Decision-Making Cycle.
  • FCPS will maintain schools that all students, families, and staff consider safe.

Success Data

Every year, FCPS reports to the School Board on the progress made toward each goal area’s aspirational statements.

Resource Stewardship PowerPoint presentation: This is a summary of the data, actions and return on investment undertaken to achieve this goal.

Resource Stewardship Narrative report: This is a detailed look at performance data and the actions taken to influence the data, as well as the return on investment of those actions undertaken to achieve this goal

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