Strategic Plan Goal 2: Caring Culture

We commit to foster a responsive, caring, and inclusive culture where all feel valued, supported, and hopeful.

Welcoming Environment

What All FCPS employees will demonstrate cultural responsiveness when supporting families, students, and other staff.

How All FCPS employees will successfully complete cultural competence training.


  • All students will feel respected and included at school.
  • All families will feel respected at their school.
  • All staff will feel respected at work.
  • All staff will view student behavior through a culturally responsive lens.

Healthy Life Choices

What FCPS will use best practices to enable students and staff to make healthy life choices.

How Increase school and department awareness and use of practices that support positive individual wellness.


  • All students will report positive relationships with peers and adults.
  • All students will report healthy social-emotional skills.
  • All students will report healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • All students will be drug- and alcohol-free.
  • All schools will have low rates of students with frequent absences.
  • No students will have disruptive behavior referrals.
  • All employees will have the opportunity to take advantage of wellness resources.

Success Data

Every year, FCPS reports to the School Board on the progress made toward each goal area’s aspirational statements.

Caring Culture PowerPoint presentation: This is a summary of the data, actions and return on investment undertaken to achieve this goal. [updated: January 21, 2021]

Caring Culture Narrative report: This is a detailed look at performance data and the actions taken to influence the data, as well as the return on investment of those actions undertaken to achieve this goal. [updated: January 21, 2021]

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