Strategic Plan Goal 1: Student Success

We commit to reach, challenge, and prepare every student for success in school and life

Elimination of Gaps

What FCPS will eliminate gaps in opportunity, access, and achievement for all students.

How Transform current practices to ensure all students achieve academic excellence through staff use of the Closing the Achievement Gap Framework.


All students will:

  • Be successful in reading and mathematics;
  • Be college or career ready by graduation;
  • Graduate on time;
  • Have a plan for college or career after high school;
  • Have access to an FCPS provided individual computer or tablet consistent with One Fairfax’s policy of digital access for all residents;

Participation and performance rates will be similarly high across student groups (closing gaps) in:

  • Advanced Academic Programs;
  • Algebra 1 by 8th grade;
  • Honors courses;
  • Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.

Portrait of a Graduate (POG) attributes

What All FCPS PreK-12 students will continuously progress in their development of Portrait of a Graduate attributes.

How Increase student opportunities to apply Portrait of a Graduate skills to real-world problems through teacher use of the Learning Model.

Success All students will meet grade-level expectations for Portrait of a Graduate outcomes as measured by their performance on end-of-year POG Presentations of Learning.

Early Education

What All future FCPS families will access high-quality early learning experiences.

How Enhance FCPS partnership with families and the county government to ensure young children are ready for kindergarten using the Fairfax County Equitable School Readiness Plan.

Success All future FCPS students will enter kindergarten with the essential skills needed for school success.

Success Data

Every year, FCPS reports to the School Board on the progress made toward each goal area’s aspirational statements.

Student Success PowerPoint presentation: This is a summary of the data, actions and return on investment undertaken to achieve this goal. [updated: 01/23/2020]

Student Success Narrative report: This is a detailed look at performance data and the actions taken to influence the data, as well as the return on investment of those actions undertaken to achieve this goal. [updated: 01/23/2020]

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