Portrait of a Graduate Family Resources: K-6

Grades K-6

Family Conversations

  • Consider telling your child when they are demonstrating a skill at home or in a social setting. Example:
    • During soccer practice this morning, when you missed the goal you didn’t give up and kept trying hard to get the ball back to score. (Goal-directed and resilient)
    • When you were playing with your sister, you were being kind to her by sharing your toys and letting her choose a game to play. (Collaborator)
  • Share examples of how you were a [collaborator, communicator, etc.] during your day or within your job. Provide specific details and explain how using these skills helped you. (e.g., I was a collaborator at work today when I _____. This was helpful because ___________.)
  • Instead of asking “What did you do in school today?”, consider asking one of the questions below:


Skills for Grades K-6

Questions to Ask Your Student

    icon for communicator attribute


    • I make connections to what I read or hear.
    • I listen and ask questions so I can understand.
    • I speak for a reason so others can understand me.
    • I write to share my ideas.
    • I use digital tools to research and share ideas.
    • How were you a communicator today?
    • What were some ways you shared your ideas today?
    • When did you respectfully listen to the ideas of others?

    icon for collaborator attribute


    • I respectfully listen to other points of view.
    • I share my ideas with my team.
    • I encourage others to help the team.
    • I both give and use feedback to help improve work.
    • When problems arise, I help find solutions.
    • How were you a collaborator today?
    • How did you help your team finish the [activity, project, assignment]?
    • Were there moments when your team struggled? How did you handle that?
    • Did you have a chance to see things from a different side? What did you learn when you did that?

    icon for creative and critical thinker attribute

    Critical and Creative Thinker

    • I can create unique solutions.
    • I use information from many sources to gather information.
    • I can revise and refine my ideas.
    • I show that I am creative.
    • I can say why an idea is a good one.
    • I ask questions to clarify, explore and assess ideas.
    • How were you a creative and critical thinker today?
    • During ___, did you ask any questions? How did it help your thinking?
    • Did you have opportunities to problem-solve? How did it help you find a solution?
    • Were you creative today? What did you do to be creative?

    icon for global and ethical citizen attribute

    Ethical and Global Citizen

    • I understand that there are different cultures and perspectives in the world.
    • I help my community.
    • I am learning to talk, read and write in another language.
    • I understand that choices I make have an impact on the health of the environment.
    • I understand my rights, privileges and responsibilities as a member of my community
    • I treat others with respect and kindness.
    • I show I am a friend by making good choices.
    • How were you an ethical and global citizen today?
    • How were you a good friend to ____ when ____?
    • How did you try to understand how _______ was feeling?
    • How were you kind to others?
    • What good choices did you make?

    icon for goal-directed and resilient individual attribute

    Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual

    • I make safe and healthy life choices.
    • I treat other people with kindness.
    • I don't give up when something is hard.
    • I make a plan to achieve my goals.
    • I am responsible for completing my work.
    • I learn from my mistakes and keep trying.
    • How were you goal-directed and resilient today?
    • From the mistake____, what did you learn?
    • How did you keep trying when _____ was hard?
    • If you want to ___, what’s a goal that you might make? What could be your plan to meet the goal?