Portrait of a Graduate Presentations of Learning (POG POL)

Presentations of Learning give every learner multiple opportunities from PreK-12 to demonstrate growth toward grade-level expectations for Portrait of a Graduate outcomes.

What is a Portrait of a Graduate Presentation of Learning?

Students reflect on their growth over time and present a cumulative summary of learning through:

  • Student-led conferences.
  • Formal presentations.
  • Exhibitions of learning.

Students present evidence of growth to authentic audiences at specific grade levels. A common Portrait of a Graduate POL rubric is used for scoring and student feedback.

Elements of Portrait of a Graduate Presentations of Learning

  • Reflection on Portrait of a Graduate growth over time.
  • Curation of evidence of learning or growth, often in the form of a portfolio.
  • Authentic audience (e.g., teachers, parents, peers) provides feedback.
  • Sharing of learning experiences and goals.
tree with a pencil tip for the root and the portrait of a graduate attributes for branches

Schools create the pathway, structures, and instructional scaffolds needed for students to experience Portrait of a Graduate POLs. Schools receive support and resources from Instructional Services.