Student Enrollment and Projections Summary

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Membership Analysis and Trends ReportMembership Analysis and Trends Report

Presented to the School Board as part of the December 20, 2018 School Board meeting documents packet distributed on December 14, 2018.

Includes data and analysis of:

  • Demographics
  • Birth Trends
  • Membership Trends Region/Pyramid
  • Transfers
  • Migration In and Out of the County
  • Enrollment Five-Year Projections
  • Membership Analysis and Trends School Year 2018-19

    This Membership Analysis and Trends report reviews the Fairfax County Public Schools School Year 2018-19 membership and trends in membership. The report informs membership projections and the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) recommendations.

Facility and Enrollment Dashboard

The Facility and Enrollment Dashboard is an interactive site providing individual school level data on school capacity and enrollment (membership).

Includes data on:

  • Facility and Enrollment DashboardSchool Building and Utilization Capacity
  • School Building Features (square feet, year built)
  • Enrollment of Every School
  • Enrollment by Grade Level
  • Average Class Size by School
  • Special Programs
  • Enrollment Projections by School