Division Technology Plans

Projects, programs, and processes used for planning, developing, implementing, and assessing technology solutions.


In FY 2018 the Virginia Department of Education eliminated the district requirement to publish a stand-alone technology plan, which follows the 2015 elimination of the federal e-Rate requirement for school districts to have a stand-alone plan. The essential message is that technology planning should be embedded into all district planning and not be treated in isolation.

As the FCPS Strategic Plan (Ignite) is updated in FY 2019, technology planning will be incorporated into the strategic planning process and a separate technology plan will no longer be published.

The information below is for reference purposes and will be removed after 1/1/2019.


The annual FCPS Technology Plan supports the overall mission, vision, objectives, and priorities of the Fairfax County School Board, demonstrates the effective use of technology, and emphasizes the innovative use of technology in instruction, administration, and business operations. It articulates projects and programs, as well as the processes used for planning, developing, implementing, and assessing technology solutions.


The FCPS Technology Plan is aligned to the 2015-17 Addendum to the Educational Technology Plan for Virginia: 2010-15, which has five key focus areas.

  • An appropriately and adequately designed learning environment.
  • Meaningful engagement of learners.
  • Purposeful application of appropriate technology tools.
  • Use of authentic technology tools that extend learning capabilities.
  • Authentic and intelligent assessments.
  • FY 2017 - FY 2018 Technology Plan

    This plan describes and demonstrates how instructional technology supports the Fairfax County School Board’s vision, mission, the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate, and the goals of Ignite, the FCPS Strategic Plan.