2021 General Assembly Session

Student Activities and Athletic Programs Related Legislation

2021 General Assembly Summary – Final Report
Student Activities and Athletic Programs Related Legislation
Fairfax County Public Schools, Office of Government Relations

This report describes the Student Activities and Athletic Programs related legislation considered during the 2021 General Assembly Regular, Special, and Reconvened Sessions.  Bills are listed as having Passed or Failed.  Any legislation labeled as Passed was signed by the Governor and will go into effect on July 1, 2021 unless otherwise specified in the legislation itself.

Summaries are linked to the Division of Legislative Services’ web pages for text, up to date summary information, and fiscal impact statements. If a bill of interest is not found in one category, please check another as legislation often can fit under multiple categories.

UPDATED: 04/26/2021


High School Student Parking Passes; Valid Driver's License or Driver Privilege Card Required HB 1918 (Mugler) and SB 1169 (Norment) requires (i) a student to submit a standard application form developed by the Department of Education by which the student provides evidence that he possesses a valid driver's license or driver privilege card before being issued a pass to park a vehicle on high school property and (ii) require driver education programs to include instruction on the dangers of distracted driving and speeding.


Assault and Battery or Threats of Bodily Injury; Sports Official; Penalty HB 1791 (McNamara) would have provided that if any person commits a simple assault or assault and battery against another knowing or having reason to know that such other person is a sports official who is engaged in the performance of his duties as such during a sports event or on the premises where a sports event is held immediately preceding or following a sports event, such person is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. The bill would have also provided that the sentence of such person, upon conviction, shall include a mandatory minimum fine of $500 and such person shall be prohibited from coming within 50 feet of the premises where any sports event is held in the Commonwealth an hour prior to the beginning of the sports event, during the sports event, and an hour following the conclusion of the sports event for one year.