2021 General Assembly Session

Instruction and Standards of Learning Related Legislation


HB 1865 Reading intervention services for certain students, K through grade 3. (Delaney)
HB 1876 Workforce development; data sharing. (Subramanyam)
HB 1885 Computer science standards, courses, and pathways; comprehensive review. (Simonds)
HB 1905 Economic education and financial literacy required in middle and high school grades; employment. (Cole, J.G.)
HB 1918 Student driver safety. (Mugler)
HB 2058 Virginia STEM Education Advisory Board; established; report. (Simonds)
HB 2105 Early childhood education; quality rating and improvement system participation. (Bulova)
HB 2119 Student driver education program; parent participation exemption. (Keam)
HJ 29      Apprenticeship programs study; Department of Labor and Industry. (Simonds) 
SB 1190 Health Standards of Learning; advanced directive education. (Kiggams)
SB 1335 Learner's permits; use of personal handheld communication devices. (Stuart)


HB 2184 Pandemic Remediation Task Force would have been established. (Wilt) 
HB 2244 Family life education curriculum guidelines; human reproduction; viewing of ultrasound video. (LaRock)