2021 General Assembly Session

Buses, Buildings, and Safety Related Legislation


HB 1811  Virginia Public Procurement Act; preference for energy-efficient and water-efficient goods. (Helmer)
HB 1823  Carbon monoxide detectors required; public schools, child day programs, and certain other programs. (Askew)
HB 1841 Crosswalk design; Dept of Transportation to convene work group to determine model policies. (Keam)
HB 1849  Virginia Public Procurement Act; participation in apprenticeship training programs, etc. (Simonds) 
HB 1909  Certain school board property; establishment of gun-free. (Subramanyam)
HB 1996 Va Public Procurement Act; determination of responsibility; local option to include criteria in bid. (Murphy)
HB 1998 Lock-down drills; annual requirement. (Murphy)
HB 2001 Building standards for certain state and local buildings. (Helmer)
HB 2085 Emergency Services and Disaster Law; local and interjurisdictional emergency operations plans. (Askew)
HB 2118 Electric Vehicle Grant Fund and Program; creation, report. (Keam)
HB 2288 Va. Public Procurement Act; construction contracts, requirement to submit list of subcontractors. (Williams Graves)
SB 1106  Public School Assistance Fund and Program; created. (Stanley)
SB 1109  School facility modernization, Voter referendum; issuance of state general obligation bonds. (Stanley)
SB 1305 Virginia Public Procurement Act; public works contracts' subcontractor workforce requirements. (McPike)
SB 1380 Electric utilities; electric school bus projects; report. (Lucas)
SB 1384 Virginia Public Procurement Act; local arbitration agreements. (Surovell)


HB 1741  Va Public Procurement Act; contract clause requiring subcontractor reporting of certain payments. (Campbell, R.R.)
HB 1757  Firearm-free zones designated by the Commonwealth or a locality; waiver of sovereign immunity.  (McGuire)
HB 1793  Concealed handgun permit; local control of firearms. (Davis)
HB 1857  Virginia Public Procurement Act; architectural and professional engineering term contracting. (Subramanyam)
HB 1924  Would have required local effort for basic aid; debt service on projects engineering term contracting. (Kilgore)
HB 1937  Green New Deal Act. (Rasoul)
HB 2093 School Construction Fund. (O'Quinn)
HB 2195 Virginia Retirement System; retired law-enforcement officers employed as school security officers. (Leftwich)
SB 1222 Virginia Public Procurement Act; purchase of personal protective equipment. (DeStaph)
SB 1238 School security officers; carrying of firearms; United States Armed Forces veterans. (Chase)