School Board Requests for Information and Responses

Requests for Information and Responses

The chart below encompasses questions that School Board members have asked at meetings and responses from the Superintendent and staff.

Topics are listed in alphabetical order

Responses are PDF documentsacrobat icon

Detailed information regarding meeting agendas is available at:

FY 2015

Topic/Request Meeting

Blueprint for Change

Three requests for additional information

Sep 8, 2014
work session


Facilities and Transportation OE Monitoring Report

Eleven (11) requests for information

July 14, 2014
work session


World Languages/Internationalization Working Group Report

Please provide a list of the schools eligible for the two-way immersion program.

July 14, 2014
work session


FY 2014

FY 2013


Related Topics

Next Steps from Work Sessions
Strategic Governance Manual acrobat icon

Requests for Information and Responses:
FY2013; FY 2014; FY 2015

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