School Board Requests for Information and Responses

Requests for Information and Responses

The chart below encompasses questions that School Board members have asked at meetings and responses from the Superintendent and staff.

Topics are listed in alphabetical order

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FY 2016

Topic/Request Meeting
and Information Requested


Provide disaggregated data by boys vs. girls, and include secondary model vs. comprehensive high school model in referrals to hearings office and suspensions.

Include language to address the process for addresing a compaint when a student is a victim of an action or inaction by a staff member and the expectations of how and the timeframe for when a complaint will be addressed.

May 9, 2016


Information Requested


Compensation Study

Provide attrition rate by step on scale.

Clarify size of market comparator, such as Arlington schools.

Explain the impact on retention numbers of making end-of-pay scale flat.

Provide the plan to address request for differentiated pay for high-need schools and/or SME's.

Advise whether the Board should consider differentiated scale for second career teachers.

Provide maximum amount of credit given to experienced teachers applying from outside FCPS and how does this compare to surrounding jurisdiction.

Provide data on where in the salary scale are the teachers who say they want more rapid career earnings.

Provide data for survey responses (include teachers and school administrators).

Provide disaggregated opinion survey data for job categories, years with FCPS, age.

Provide costs of options b and c, include total costs, total compensation and cost of phasing in.

Explain the progression of market average slope.

Provide the percentages of teachers who are in the range of 1-5 years with FCPS, 5-10 years, etc.

Illustrate impact of step+1 percent vs. 3 percent on green line on the teacher pay progression chart (slide 10).

Explain the ideal composition of employee base.


Mar. 14, 2016

Information Requested


Program Evaluation - English Language Learner Study

Provide list of schools which have seen significant increases and decreases in proportion of EL students.

Provide numbers by grade level of EL students (K-12) attainment for each level (1-5) of English proficiency over the past 10 years.

Provide data showing the time it takes FCPS to attain proficiency compared to consortium, state and national data.


Feb. 8, 2016


Information Requested


FY 2017- 2021CIP

As part of a look at how we use and the cost of eliminating all temporary buildings with permanent buildings, be sure to include (and separate out) the cost of replacing modular

Analysis of impact of early preschool on all schools, especially higher needs schools

Status report on SACC rooms and a proposed long-term strategy


Jan. 11, 2016



Information Requested








Strategic Plan - Goal 1 Student Success

Provide disaggregated LEP and FRM student achievment gap data

Provide disaggregated achievement gap data for ESOL and minority students not living in poverty

Provide update on plans for advanced math programs at elementary level

Provide number of stuents in advanced mathematics coursework in elementary and middle school

Data by program for twice exceptional students

Feature questions and project based learning presentation more prominently on website

Provide Board members with access to the pacing guides

Schedule discussion with regard to standards and expectations for secondary advanced programming and advanced practices

Provide data on percentage of students taking and passing and correlation of data between AP & IB tests cores and AP & IB course grades

Jan 11, 2016


Information Requested


Compensation Study Phase 1

Provide data showing where 64% of teachers are distributed across years 5-20

Provide turnover rates in other schools in the study and the national average

Provide market comparison chart for total compensation using format from page 10 and page 13 data

How many unfilled positions we have now, compared to other surrounding jurisdictions


Dec 7, 2015


Information Requested


CIP Preliminary Summary

List of schools which would be most affected by new elementary school, in priority order

Dec 7 2015


Information Requested


CIP Preliminary Summary

List of modulars in each school and the capacity, along with plan for discussion on use of modular

December 7 2015


Information Requested


FY 2016 Mid-Year Budget Review

Please provide documentation showing how variance in enrollment impacted the budget.

Provide historical comparison of staffing reserve.

December 7, 2015


Information Requested


SOL Accreditation

Reporting Achievement Gap Data - Pass Rates or Average Scale Scores

October 19, 2015

Information Requested




Please provide the most recent data on ESOL levels 1,2,3 and 4 by grade level

Oct. 19, 2015
work session

Information Requested


Cenergistic Energy Report

Please provide a snapshot report on the carbon footprint (environmental impact) of the increased efficiencies from the program

July 13, 2015
work session

Information Requested


Facilities Monitoring Report

Please provide the following information:
The cost of the recycling program.

Detail on enrollment projections as reported to the Board of Supervisors vs. the projections in the OE monitoring report, including the detail of the five-year enrollment projections.

Details on energy costs per student

Costs associated with specialized transportation.

July 13, 2015
work session


Information Requested


Standards of Learning (SOL) Accreditation

Please provide bar graphs demonstrating the number of SOL tests taken by students at different grade levels.

July 13, 2015
work session


Information Requested


FY 2015




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