Operational Expectations

The Mission and Student Achievement Goals are the major drivers of what happens in the school system. The Board also monitors how the system operates through the Operational Expectations. Continuous monitoring by the Board will provide the means for judging whether compliance with the Operational Expectations has been achieved.

The Board has established an annual work calendar, which includes scheduled monitoring throughout the year of each student achievement goal and each operational expectation area. The Superintendent will provide thorough and detailed monitoring reports as prescribed in the annual calendar. The Board will respond to each monitoring report indicating one of the following: 1) acceptance of the report as evidence of satisfactory performance; or 2) expectation for improvement based on the conclusion of a majority of the Board.

  1. Global
  2. Emergency Superintendent Succession
  3. Treatment of Community Stakeholders
  4. Human Resources *
  5. Financial Planning
  6. Financial Administration
  7. Asset Protection
  8. Relationship with the Board
  9. Instructional Program
  10. Learning Environment /Treatment of Students
  11. Facilities and Transportation
  12. Technology

*As of November 8, 2012, Professional Learning and Training Operational Expectations are incorporated in the Human Resources Operational Expectations.

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