Monitoring Division Performance

Statement of Condition

Each Operational Expectation of the Board will be monitored to determine whether the conditions actually existing in each operational area are consistent with the Board’s stated expectations. In presenting monitoring reports, the Superintendent will provide information sufficient for the Board to understand and determine the acceptability of the conditions in each area.

Reasonable Interpretations

The Board expects the Superintendent to apply reasonable interpretations to its statements of Student Achievement Goals and Operational Expectations, and to present those interpretations to the Board as part of the monitoring process. The Board recognizes that strategic choices will be based upon those interpretations, and therefore the interpretations of the Superintendent must be reasonable. The Board further recognizes that there may be several potential interpretations to the Student Achievement Goals and the Operational Expectations, all falling within the realm of “reasonable.” The Board will accept any interpretation made by the Superintendent, as long as the Board considers it to be reasonable.

Student Achievement Goal Monitoring Reports

Operational Expectations Monitoring Reports

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