Student Achievement Goal 2. Develop Essential Life Skills

All students will demonstrate the aptitude, attitude, and skills to lead responsible, fulfilling, and respectful lives.

Working in partnership with school and family, students will:

2.1. Demonstrate honesty, responsibility, and leadership.

2.2. Courageously identify and pursue their personal goals.

2.3. Develop the resilience and self-confidence required to deal effectively with life’s challenges.

2.4. Possess the skills to manage and resolve conflict.

2.5. Work effectively within a group dynamic.

2.6. Demonstrate respect for cross-cultural differences and perspectives.

2.7. Develop practical life skills including but not limited to:


Time management.


Work habits.


Problem solving/critical thinking.


Financial competency.



2.8. Effectively use technology to access, communicate, and apply knowledge, and foster creativity.

2.9. Make healthy and safe life choices.

2.10. Be inspired to learn throughout life.

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