School Board Standing Committees

FY 2015

Audit Committee


The Audit Committee serves as the Board’s liaison with the Internal Audit Office by: 1) reviewing the annual audit plan prepared by the Internal Audit Office and submitting its recommendation to the School Board for approval; 2) mediating the auditors’ relationship with management; 3) reviewing audit reports and management responses, and reporting to the Board monthly; 4) following up on the implementation of internal audit recommendations; 5) monitoring progress against the approved annual audit plan; 6) acting as a conduit for School Board member requests for adhoc reviews; 7) periodically reviewing audit-related policies for approval by the Board; and 8) assisting the Board with the evaluation of the Auditor General in accordance with Human Resources guidelines, policies, and regulations. The School Board shall have final approval in regard to the audit plan, the audit budget, and the implementation of any significant recommendations.


Budget Committee


To work with the Superintendent and the Chief Financial Officer in clarifying and articulating the School Board’s budgetary requirements and priorities to the Board of Supervisors and the community.


  • Patty Reed, Chairman; Kathy Smith, Vice Chairman
  • Staff Liaison: Kristen Michael, Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services

Comprehensive Planning Development


To design a recommendation for a comprehensive planning process, monitor that process, and suggest improvements to the Board.




To support the work of the Board as that work is defined in the Strategic Governance Manual, including the following: I) to define governing values and process recommendations for Board action; 2) to support Board work and self-assessments; 3) to monitor a current one-year calendar of Board work to include: operational expectations, student achievement goals, Board governing principles and commitments, and Board development topics; 4) to review and recommend to the Board proposed modifications to the manual; and 5) to coordinate with consultants retained to support the Board in its work.


Legislative Liaisons


To guide the development of the Board’s legislative program and to provide input to the VSBA legislative program in coordination with the Office of Government Relations; to advocate with the appropriate legislative and governmental bodies; report to the Board on current issues.


Public Engagement


To plan strategies, topics, timelines, and other matters related to Board/community dialogue and to coordinate physical logistics related to the Board's outreach to stakeholders.


Ad Hoc Committees

Joint Budget Development Committee


The committee is charged with undertaking an early review of budget factors heading into Fiscal Year 2016 (begins July 1, 2015) and to provide guidance to both Boards. The Joint Budget Development Committee will deliver a report to the Board of Supervisors and the School Board before the County Executive presents his Advertised Budget and before the Superintendent presents her Proposed Budget in early 2015.



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