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The Office of Program Evaluation (OPE) effects high quality teaching and learning in Fairfax County Public Schools through research-based processes, tools, and evidence. OPE's activities span a wide range from accountability reporting on FCPS instructional programs and services to screening all requests to conduct research and collect data within FCPS.

What We Offer

The Office of Program Evaluation serves FCPS staff, the School Board, and the community through research-based processes, tools, and evidence. You can learn more details about our offerings from the list below:

How We Do Our Work

The products and services provided by the Office of Program Evaluation reflect professional standards established by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation (JCSEE), a coalition of national associations committed to promoting high quality research and evaluation. The JCSEE's standards cover five areas:

  • Utility: The utility standards are intended to increase the extent to which program stakeholders find evaluation processes and products valuable in meeting their needs.
  • Feasibility: The feasibility standards are intended to increase evaluation effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Propriety: The propriety standards support what is proper, fair, legal, right and just in evaluations.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy standards are intended to increase the dependability and truthfulness of evaluation representations, propositions, and findings, especially those that support interpretations and judgments about quality.
  • Evaluation Accountability: The evaluation accountability standards encourage adequate documentation of evaluations and a metaevaluative perspective focused on improvement and accountability for evaluation processes and products.

A more detailed explanation of these standards is available here.

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Recardo V. Sockwell

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