Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI)

Program Description

The Advanced Leadership Institute was initiated as part of the Virginia State Leadership Grant designed to improve the preparation and readiness of FCPS Emerging leaders. Through a blended emphasis on classroom preparation, instructional leadership, authentic leadership experiences, and on-the-job practical realities of administrative roles, the institutes provide a strong foundation to emerging leaders. Participants explore a significant depth of knowledge and a high potential to improve the outcome of student success. ALI participants are partnered with the University of Virginia, the University of Richmond, and Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as a host of leadership development organizations.

The Advanced Leadership Institute is a symposium designed to provide the opportunity for educational experts to share perspectives, build knowledge, and explore possibilities for organizing school leadership to ensure for the future success of all students.

Program Timeframe

There are three institutes during the year: ALI Summer; ALI Fall; ALI Spring.  Participants include LEAD Interns and Accelerated Certification Cohort members, and other FCPS leaders.


The Advanced Leadership Institute supports the organizational objectives of Fairfax County Public Schools. Its goal is to improve student achievement, especially that of economically disadvantaged students. 

Topics are wide and far-reaching, examples:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Actualizing School Planning
  • Values and Teachable Point of View
  • The Intuitive Leader
  • Cultural Competency
  • Sustaining Leadership
  • Learned Helplessness

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