Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Fairfax County Health Department

The goal of the Fairfax County Health Department is to protect public health and the environment in which we live. Services include:

  • Immunizations against diseases such as hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, polio, diphtheria, and pertussis.
  • Case management for high-risk children and families.
  • Children’s specialty services (neurology, cystic fibrosis, eye surgery, orthopedic).
  • Primary health care for low income, uninsured county residents (pediatric care).
  • Dental services for children.
  • Vision screenings and examinations.
  • Referral for other services within the county.

For more information, visit the Health Department web site or call 703-246-2411 (TDD 703-591-6435).

Parenting Classes and Support

The Family and School Partnerships offers classes and resources for families related to discipline, communication, conflict resolution, family involvement, and school success. Classes are offered in English, Korean, and Spanish.

The schedule includes single- and multisession classes for parents, family members, and caregivers of infants through teens. Classes are taught by professionals and are held throughout the year. Most classes are two to four hours long and meet during the day, during the evening, and/or on some weekends. A fee is charged. For more information, call 703-204-4343.

Parent liaisons are available in most FCPS schools to help parents better understand the school system and advocate for their children’s education. Parent liaisons are often bilingual and promote communication between the home and the school for the purpose of increasing family involvement and supporting student achievement. Parents may call the school their child attends to obtain contact information for the liaison(s). Bilingual community liaisons are available at the Dunn Loring, South County, and Lake Anne-Reston registration sites to provide families with information about school and community services. For more general FCPS information and help in communicating with their child’s school, parents may call the Parent Information Line and leave a message. Parents will receive a return phone call within 24 hours.

Korean: 571-423-4951
Spanish: 571-423-4950
Vietnamese: 571-423-4956

Parent Resource Center for Special Education

The FCPS Parent Resource Center promotes parent awareness of the services provided by Fairfax County Public Schools for children with special needs and their families. The center encourages parent participation in the educational decision-making process and provides seminars, training programs, and information to foster the parent-professional partnership. The center also serves as a resource for educators and the community. Under the direction of the educational specialist of the Parent Resource Center, the center staff provides information on:

  • FCPS special education and related services and community resources.
  • a referral network to meet individual needs (educational, transitional, vocational, recreational, health, etc.).
  • rules, regulations, and procedures that affect families of children with special needs.
  • parent support groups and local and national organizations.
  • specific disabilities and other topics related to individuals with disabilities.

The Parent Resource Center also provides workshops for parents and a resource library containing books, periodicals, and publications on subjects specific to children with special needs.

Screening Preschoolers for Developmental Delays (Preschool Child Find)

Fairfax County Public Schools Preschool Child Find serves as a resource for Fairfax County preschool children and their parents, providing services that help identify potential special education needs and educating the community about child development and the importance of early intervention. Preschool Child Find provides free developmental screenings to children aged 20 months to 5 years who are Fairfax County or Fairfax City residents. The screen assesses skills in the areas of speech, language, fine and gross motor, social-emotional, vision, and hearing. A child whose screening reflects possible delays in these areas may be referred for additional comprehensive evaluations and consideration for special education services. For further information, contact Devonshire Center Child Find at 571-423-4121


Homework is a key point of contact between home and school. Parents should create a home environment that reinforces the school message that education is important and that life is enriched by learning. Homework is assigned to reinforce skills taught in the classroom and to enrich the school experience. The Parent Resources page offers links to valuable information.

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