Senior Opt-out Scheduling Option

This communication was sent to all parents of FCPS high school seniors.

The Fairfax County School Board passed a resolution in 2012 that stated it is a goal of the School Board to achieve later start times for high school students. As part of the ongoing discussion about later start times, the Board also directed the Superintendent’s office to provide an option for high school seniors to opt out of their first class of the day. Since student schedules are already established for 2013-14, this option will be provided to seniors only on a limited basis this year, but will be incorporated as an option when student schedules are developed for the 2014-15 school year. Bus transportation will not be provided to any student who chooses this scheduling option.

For 2013-14, seniors who are on track for graduation and do not need their first class of the day to graduate may elect to drop up to two first period classes. Both the parent or guardian and the high school principal must give written permission to seniors who wish to use this option. Seniors who wish to drop their first period class(es) should contact their high school counselor to complete the appropriate permission form.

Senior Request for a Late Start Time - complete this form with appropriate signatures to request a waiver from the full-day schedule requirement.


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