Attendance Policies & Procedures


Teachers have the responsibility to promote regular class attendance and to inform a parent/guardian when an attendance problem exists. Every absence is a concern because every class, lesson, and activity is important in the learning plan of each course. Learning is maximized and desirable behavior patterns are developed when a student attends school regularly and arrives in classes punctually.

Students are expected to attend every activity they are scheduled for each school day. Specifically, students must attend all classes; report to "Learn" appointments; go to designated area of the school for assemblies, pep rallies, and other special events. Students must be punctual.

Students are not allowed outside the school building or off school grounds, without administrative permission, from 7:20am-2:10pm. The one exception to this rule is that students are permitted be outside on the walkway between the cafeteria and the auditorium lobby or in the senior courtyard during "Learn." Student cannot go to their cars, or be in the parking lot, from the time they arrive at school until dismissal at 2:10 p.m. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary consequences that may include suspension.

Classification of Absences

When it is necessary for a student to be absent from school, the parent/guardian is requested to notify the Attendance Office of the student's absence and explain the reason for the absence. Parents must either call the Attendance Office or write a note explaining the reason for the absence within 72 hours after the student returns to school. The administrative staff determines when an absence is classified as excused.

Excused absences include:

  • illness of the student
  • death in the family
  • doctor or dentist appointment
  • observance of a religious holiday
  • suspension
  • approved prearranged absence
  • other reason acceptable to the principal or designee

Unexcused absences include:

  • all-day truancy
  • class truancy
  • car trouble
  • missing a ride or the bus
  • unapproved request for pre-arranged absence
  • missing scheduled school activities without permission
  • "Skip Days"

A student forfeits any grades on the day of his/her unexcused absence. Make-up work for unexcused absences may not receive credit; however, it is encouraged so that the student will profit from future instruction.

Prearranged Absences

Students who plan an absence from school are expected to complete arrangements for that absence at least 72 hours before their absence occurs. A student with a prearranged absence is expected to assume the responsibility for requesting assignments before leaving and to be fully prepared on the day of his/her return. The student's administrator will review the request from the student's parent to determine if the prearranged absence is excused. The assistant principal will use professional judgment in excusing a prearranged absence based on such factors as the educational value of the proposed experience, the personal or family benefit, and the impact of the absence on the student's academic progress.

Students who receive approval of a prearranged absence 72 hours before the absence occurs will receive input from their teachers on the assignments to be missed and information about the advisability of the absence. Approval for prearranged absences provide students time to complete the missed assignments while they are away and the opportunity to keep pace with the class, while avoiding the requirement to complete make-up work and regular work at the same time after the absence. Assignments advertised by a teacher before an approved prearranged absence begins will be due upon the student's return.

Process for the student:

  1. 48 hours before the first date of absence, submit a note from parent stating the reason and the exact dates of the absence
  2. Receive administrative approval for absence
  3. Have all teachers sign Prearranged Absence Form and record assignments
  4. Return form to Attendance Office (the lower half of the form will given to student)

Admission Following an Absence

Parents are requested to call the Attendance Office by 8:30 a.m. on the day of the absence to explain the reason for the absence. The administrative staff determines when an absence is classified as excused.

If the parent contacted the Attendance Office about the absence by phone, the student is to go directly to his/her first block class the day he/she returns. If the parent has not phoned, the student should present a note written by his/her parent to the Attendance Office upon arrival to school. The student has only three days to present his/her parent's note. If a note is not received within three days, the absence will be classified as unexcused.

Students Out of Class and Hall Passes

Students miss instructional time when they are outside the classroom. Accordingly, students should be in class and remain in class for the entire period. When it is absolutely necessary to send a student out of class for any reason, the student must be given a completed pass signed by the teacher.

Late Arrivals (check-ins)

When a student comes to school late, he/she must check in at the Attendance Office. Tardiness that is caused by a school bus breakdown will be classified as excused, and each student on the bus will be given a late bus pass to show to his/her first period teacher.

Early Dismissals (check-outs)

Before leaving the school early, a student must bring a note signed by a parent to the Attendance Office stating the reason for leaving and the planned time of departure. The student will be given a check-out form that will be stamped by the attendance secretary. This will be his/her pass to depart from class at the indicated time. The pass must be stamped again in the Attendance Office when the student leaves school. A record of each student's check-outs will be kept by the attendance secretary. In some cases, the Attendance Office staff may ask that doctor, dentist, court, or attorney appointments be confirmed in writing on office stationery by the professional visited. If a student returns to school again later the same day, he/she must check-in at the Attendance Office.

Career Center, Student Services Appointments, and Attendance

Student Services: School counselors are available before-school and after-school (unless a meeting has been previously scheduled) to see students on a drop-in basis to briefly answer questions. Students may sign up to see counselors during class time on the sheets posted on each counselor's door. The counselor will send a note to the student to leave class. A student must receive his/her teacher's permission to leave class prior to the appointment. After the appointment, the student must show his/her pass to the teacher effected.

College and Career Center (CCC): Presentations about specific colleges by college representatives are announced regularly. Students may use the CCC during the lunch period or during class periods when a teacher grants special permission. Any student who wishes to use the center during class periods must get a pass from Career Center Specialist one day before reporting to the CCC. This pass must be approved by the effected teacher. The pass will be stamped with the time the student leaves the CCC.

Student Attendance and Athletics

A full day of attendance is required by students in order to participate in athletic contests, other student activities, or practice that day. Reasonable exceptions, such as dentist or doctor appointments, may be approved by the Director of Student Activities prior to participation.