Personally Owned Devices Policy

FCPS Bring Your Own Device Registration Process Streamlined
Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to assisting students and staff in creating a 21st century learning environment. In an effort to support this progress, students and staff are able to access the FCPS wireless network with their personal devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets, smart phones, etc,), also known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), during the school day.

BYOD within FCPS has grown rapidly during the last several years. In fact, over 10,000 students registered for BYOD last year. While the registration process is essential and helps protect students and the FCPS network, the process itself has largely been a manual effort. As the BYOD program continues to grow, a new, more seamless and automated process for students to self-register their personal BYOD devices is being implemented.
The system, FCPS Onboard, uses an application called Cloudpath XpressConnect to provide secure wireless authentication on the FCPS network. Users simply select the FCPSonboard wireless network from their device and follow the prompts to gain access. This secure connection protects both the resources on the FCPS network and the personal device connecting to the network. Once connected, students have access to FCPS resources on their personal devices throughout the school year. 
This year, BYOD is covered and governed by the Acceptable Use Policy for Student Network Access and within the Students Rights & Responsibilities (SR&R) document. Inclusion of BYOD expectations in the SR&R eliminates the need for a separate permission form to be signed by students and parents and school staff are no longer required to manually register and record each student device.

Does the BYOD Wireless System, FCPS Onboard Allow FCPS to Monitor Activities on BYOD Devices?
The BYOD wireless system, FCPS Onboard, is used solely for device registration, not device management and, therefore, doesn’t provide FCPS the capability to monitor activities on BYOD devices. The purpose of the system is to provide an easy-to-use mechanism to register BYOD devices to allow students and employees the ability to use their own device on the FCPS enterprise wireless network and Internet.

During the registration process, information such as IP address and MAC address are collected and logged. This information would be used to locate a device if it is misplaced or if inappropriate activity, in possible violation of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), was traced back to a particular device on the network. It is not the intention of FCPS to actively manage, monitor or access BYOD devices. In situations where there is a potential AUP violation, FCPS does reserve the right to investigate all devices and activities on the FCPS network, including BYOD devices, to determine if any wrongdoing occurred.

More information about the FCPS BYOD program can be found at

GCM agrees that these devices can enhance the instructional program, and will allow students to use such devices, with teacher permission, in the classroom. The devices may only be used in accordance to the "Color Code System Usage" posted in classrooms and designated areas. Students are responsible for any device they choose to bring to school. When not in use in the classroom, the student is responsible for properly securing the device. Teachers and other staff will not store or hold onto devices. School technology support or teachers will not support, repair or troubleshoot student devices. Students should fully charge the device prior to bringing it to school as the school is not responsible to provide an opportunity or the necessary power to charge the device during the school day.

It is important to remember that only devices may be used in classrooms or in designated areas according to "The Color Code System Usage." Devices in use by students that have not been approved or are in use outside the classroom fall under the Student Rights & Responsibilities regulation and are subject to confiscation and will be returned to the parent.

Finally, students are bound to and must comply with Regulation 6410, Appropriate Use of Fairfax County Public Schools’ Network and Internet Resources, Regulation 2601, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Regulation 6401, Student Use of FCPS Network and Internet Resources, and DIT Technical Bulletin 302, Use of Privately Owned Computing Devices on FCPS Networks, while on FCPS property or while involved in any FCPS sponsored event/activity, or when using FCPS resources, regardless of who owns the computer or device used by
Regulation 6410 - Appropriate Use of Fairfax County Public Schools' Network and Internet Resources
Regulation 2601 - Students Rights and Responsibilities
Regulation 6401 - Student Use of FCPS Network and Internet Resources
DIT Tech Bulletin 302