Guides for
These guides are companions to the programs

America on the Move — Grades 4-7

I Heard That! Listening to Classical Music — Grades 4-6

Legal Fairy Tales — Grades 4-8

Meet the Author — Grades K-12

The Musical Side of Thomas Jefferson — Grades 4-8

Mysteries and Perils of Migratory Birds — Grades 6-8

Primarily George: Documents on the Nation’s First President  —  Grades 5-11

Science Safari — Grades K-2

Seed to Table: Farming at Mount Vernon — Grades K-5

Shaping the Presidency Teaching Unit —  Grades 8-12

SOLs: Snippets of Learning — Grades 3-8

Wildlife Explorers — Grades K-2

Wonders of Geography: A Musical Atlas of America — Grades 6-8

Guides for Educators
These guides are companions to the programs

Hot Topics With The Improv Troupe — books, articles, and online resources for educators, parents, and students

Tech Savvy Girls
 — information and references

Cultural Competence— presentation materials and activities for using the video as a professional development course

Guides for Parents
These guides are companions to the programs

Encouraging Words  — information to promote literacy skills

Multicultural Parent Panels — strategies on how to set up panels

Palabras Alentadoras  (Spanish) — information to promote literacy skills

Smart Play  —  instructions to produce the projects featured in the series

Solving the Puzzle Together — resources on implementing a healthy eating plan