• Analemma Society's Friday night star-gazing parties
  • The Woodson Planetarium will present the Fall Sky on Monday, November 10, at 2:30. Find out about the stars, constellations and celestial objects in our November Skies. Admission is free and all are welcome.
  • Bring friends and family to Observatory Park on 925 Springvale Rd. in Great Falls on Friday, January 23 to look through telescopes at planets, stars, nebula, galaxies and more. This event is sponsored by the Herndon High School Planetarium, the Analemma Society and the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (NOVAC). Dress warmly and we hope to see you there! The viewing starts at 6:30 pm.

    We will be able to see Comet Lovejoy! Go to the link below for more information about the comet.

    In inclement weather, the event may be canceled.

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