College Partnership Program (CPP)

The primary goal of the CPP is to increase the number of students, particularly first generation and minority students, that enroll and succeed in college.

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Services provided by the College Partnership Program include:

  • Academic counseling
  • College visits and orientation
  • Assistance with completing college applications
  • Student workshops
  • Parent education sessions
  • SAT preparation classes
  • A Summer experience on a college campus
  • News and information related to colleges and careers via FCPS's Blackboard 24/7 site

Every traditional high school in Fairfax County has a school-based College Partnership program. Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, the CPP will also be available in several alternative and nontraditional high schools.

A typical CPP student:

  • Represents the first in his/her family to go to college
  • Demonstrates the ability to achieve and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 (weighted)
  • Is a member of one of the No Child Left Behind subgroups identified as being in the achievement gap
  • Is willing to pursue advanced coursework
  • Is in a family with income insufficient to support college without significant financial assistance
  • Demonstrates leadership in school or community activities

Information for Middle School Students Only

The College Partnership Program operates as an after-school program and is open to all students.  Eighth grade students apply for membership in their high school CPP program through their middle school CPP Advocate.


Students are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in core classes and attend CPP activities. Parents are expected to attend parent meetings, be aware of student CPP activities and monitor their student's attendance and grades.

Each year, there is a recruitment drive for the College Partnership Program. The program is selective and participants are chosen through an application process. Interested students should contact the Director of Student Services at their local high school.

College Success Program:

Advancement Via Individual Determination

The Early Identification Program (EIP)

The College Partnership Program (CPP)

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Shonta Robertson
College Success Program

Mark Emery
Middle School After-School Programs

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Please check your student’s school website for school counselor contact information.


Gwen Cooper-Evans
Administrative Assistant
703-279-5211 (fax)

Stephanie Gray

School Counseling Services:

Darrell Sampson

Matthew Johnson
Educational Specialist

Lauren Crispino
Educational Specialist

Michele Webb
Career Connections Specialist

Kathleen Hagan
College and Career Project Liaison

College Success Program:

Shonta Robertson
College Success Program Manager

Justin Simmons
College Partnership Specialist

Derek Steele
AVID Specialist

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