Career and Technical Ed Curriculum
  Web Page Development

This course provides students the opportunity to study, develop and design sophisticated web pages in a client-based business environment.  Basics of HTML, DHTML, scripting, and the use of authoring software are covered.  Students are also provided instruction in preparing and editing Web page images, applying advanced design techniques and features, creating vector animations, and managing web site directory structures.  Skill development will be achieved through hands-on activities that help students to design web pages for various audiences and uses.  The cooperative education (Business Cooperative Internship--679920) method is available for this course.  Students combine classroom instruction and supervised on-the-job training in an approved position with continuing supervision throughout the school year.

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Standard 1

Benchmark 1.001
Demonstrate Positive Work Ethic
Indicator 1.001.001
Demonstrate a positive work ethic

Benchmark 1.002
Demonstrate Integrity
Indicator 1.002.001
Demonstrate integrity

Benchmark 1.003
Demonstrate Teamwork Skills
Indicator 1.003.001
Demonstrate teamwork skills

Benchmark 1.004
Demonstrate Self-Representation Skills
Indicator 1.004.001
Demonstrate self-representation skills

Benchmark 1.005
Demonstrate Diversity Awareness
Indicator 1.005.001
Demonstrate diversity awareness

Benchmark 1.006
Demonstrate Conflict-Resolution Skills
Indicator 1.006.001
Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills

Benchmark 1.007
Demonstrate Creativity and Resourcefulness
Indicator 1.007.001
Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness
Standard 2

Benchmark 2.008
Demonstrate Effective Speaking and Listening Skills
Indicator 2.008.001
Demonstrate effective speaking and listening skills

Benchmark 2.009
Demonstrate Effective Reading and Writing Skills
Indicator 2.009.001
Demonstrate effective reading and writing skills

Benchmark 2.010
Demonstrate Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
Indicator 2.010.001
Demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills

Benchmark 2.011
Demonstrate Healthy Behaviors and Safety Skills
Indicator 2.011.001
Demonstrate healthy behaviors and safety skills

Benchmark 2.012
Demonstrate an Understanding of Workplace Organizations, Systems, etc.
Indicator 2.012.001
Demonstrate an understanding of workplace organizations, systems, etc.

Benchmark 2.013
Demonstrate Lifelong-Learning Skills
Indicator 2.013.001
Demonstrate lifelong-learning skills

Benchmark 2.014
Demonstrate Job Acquisition and Advancement Skills
Indicator 2.014.001
Demonstrate job acquisition and advancement skills

Benchmark 2.015
Demonstrate Time, Task, and Resource-Management Skills
Indicator 2.015.001
Demonstrate time, task, and resource-management skills

Benchmark 2.016
Demonstrate Job-Specific Mathematics Skills
Indicator 2.016.001
Demonstrate job-specific mathematics skills

Benchmark 2.017
Demonstrate Customer-Service Skills
Indicator 2.017.001
Demonstrate customer-service skills
Standard 3

Benchmark 3.018
Demonstrate Proficiency with Technologies Common to an Occupation
Indicator 3.018.001
Demonstrate proficiency with technologies common to an occupation

Benchmark 3.019
Demonstrate Information Technology Skills
Indicator 3.019.001
Demonstrate information technology skills

Benchmark 3.020
Demonstrate an Understanding of Internet Use and Security Issues
Indicator 3.020.001
Demonstrate an understanding of Internet use and security issues

Benchmark 3.021
Demonstrate Telecommunications Skills
Indicator 3.021.001
Demonstrate telecommunications skills
Standard 4

Benchmark 4.022
Examine Planning at Individual Business and Overall Industry Levels
Indicator 4.022.001
Examine planning at individual business and overall industry levels

Benchmark 4.023
Explain Management Methods
Indicator 4.023.001
Explain management methods

Benchmark 4.024
Examine Finance: Decisions, Raising Capital, Expansion, etc.
Indicator 4.024.001
Examine finance in regard to ongoing accounting & financial decisions

Benchmark 4.025
Describe Technical and Production Skills for Production Techniques
Indicator 4.025.001
Describe technical and production skills for production techniques

Benchmark 4.026
Examine Underlying Principles of Technology
Indicator 4.026.001
Examine the underlying principles of technology

Benchmark 4.027
Examine Labor Issues: Worker Rights, Labor Unions, etc.
Indicator 4.027.001
Examine labor issues in terms of worker rights and responsibilities

Benchmark 4.028
Describe Community Issues
Indicator 4.028.001
Describe community issues

Benchmark 4.029
Examine Concepts of Health, Safety and Environmental Issues
Indicator 4.029.001
Examine concepts of health, safety, and environmental issues
Standard 5

Benchmark 5.030
Identify the Purposes and Goals of the Student Organization
Indicator 5.030.001
Identify the purposes and goals of the student organization

Benchmark 5.031
Explain the Benefits and Responsibilities of Organization Membership
Indicator 5.031.001
Explain the benefits and responsibilities of organization membership

Benchmark 5.032
Demonstrate Leadership Skills Through Participation in Activities
Indicator 5.032.001
Demonstrate leadership skills through participation in activities

Benchmark 5.033
Identify Internet Safety Issues & Comply with Acceptable Use Standards
Indicator 5.033.001
Identify Internet safety issues & comply with acceptable use standards
Standard 6

Benchmark 6.034
Select Appropriate Software Products for a Desktop Publishing Project
Indicator 6.034.001
Indicate the products offering the most desirable functionality

Benchmark 6.035
Apply Principles of Design, Layout, Typography & Journalism
Indicator 6.035.001
Make appropriate choices concerning elements of documents

Benchmark 6.036
Create, Test and Convert Elements from Documents to Compatible Formats
Indicator 6.036.001
Use graphic image editing software to convert logos to jpeg/tiff/gif
Indicator 6.036.002
Use Adobe Acrobat to convert body copy, charts, and graphs into pdf

Benchmark 6.037
Create a Variety of Specialized Documents
Indicator 6.037.001
Use design principles to produce non-standard documents

Benchmark 6.038
Research and Analyze the Options and Costs for Publication of Projects
Indicator 6.038.001
Research and analyze options and costs for publication of projects
Standard 7

Benchmark 7.039
Incorporate Visual Elements Into an Interactive Multimedia Project
Indicator 7.039.001
Insert scanned images and digital photographs
Indicator 7.039.002
Download royalty-free graphics from the World Wide Web
Indicator 7.039.003
Insert other downloaded and original graphics and animation

Benchmark 7.040
Evaluate Scanning Technology Options in Relation to Best Practices
Indicator 7.040.001
Analyze scanning technology options in relation to best practices
Indicator 7.040.002
Identify best practices used in business and industry

Benchmark 7.041
Incorporate Audio Elements Into an Interactive Multimedia Project
Indicator 7.041.001
Enhance a multimedia presentation with music clips, voice sounds, etc.

Benchmark 7.042
Convert an Electronic Publication to an Interactive Multimedia Project
Indicator 7.042.001
Create a presentation using information and graphics from a brochure
Indicator 7.042.002
Transfer text from a newsletter into a presentation
Indicator 7.042.003
Alter images for a presentation
Indicator 7.042.004
Turn an outline format into a presentation format

Benchmark 7.043
Research the Different Types of Interactive Software Available
Indicator 7.043.001
Research the different types of interactive software available
Standard 8

Benchmark 8.044
Relate Networking Essentials to Web Site Construction
Indicator 8.044.001
Explain the influence of network essentials on Web development

Benchmark 8.045
Describe the Basic Physical and Logical Network Topologies
Indicator 8.045.001
Discuss and compare network topologies: ring, bus, star bus, star ring

Benchmark 8.046
Identify Key Internet Protocols (e.g., FTP, HTTP, TCP/IP, and SMTP)
Indicator 8.046.001
Identify the primary Internet protocols

Benchmark 8.047
Explain IP Addressing Classes and the Concept of Uniqueness
Indicator 8.047.001
Discuss Internet Protocol (IP) and their roles

Benchmark 8.048
Describe Internet Server Selection Criteria
Indicator 8.048.001
Analyze a specific servers’ benefits & drawbacks

Benchmark 8.049
Identify Web Design Principles
Indicator 8.049.001
Identify considerations to address when designing Web pages

Benchmark 8.050
Evaluate a Variety of Web Sites Using Web Design Principles
Indicator 8.050.001
Review Web sites for the use of design elements and principles

Benchmark 8.051
Apply the Principles of Design in Creating Advanced Web Sites
Indicator 8.051.001
Use appropriate font (size, colors), effects, etc. in Web pages

Benchmark 8.052
Create Advanced Web Sites Using HTML Code and/or Web Creation Software
Indicator 8.052.001
Plan and create an advanced Web site individually and in teams
Indicator 8.052.002
Set up a storyboard/mock-up site
Indicator 8.052.003
Write HTML code or use a Web page creation software program
Indicator 8.052.004
View pages using a variety of Web browsers

Benchmark 8.053
Generate Scripting Routines to Incorporate Into HTML Code
Indicator 8.053.001
Use a programming language to add elements that allow interactivity

Benchmark 8.054
Embed Scripting Routines From a Variety of Sources Into HTML Code
Indicator 8.054.001
Embed scripting routines from a variety of sources into HTML code

Benchmark 8.055
Customize Existing Routines to Support a Web-Based Application
Indicator 8.055.001
Modify scripting routines to meet rqmts for Web-based applications

Benchmark 8.056
Explain the Pros & Cons of Client-Side and Server-Side Scripting
Indicator 8.056.001
Define client-side & server-side; identify advantages/disadvantages
Indicator 8.056.002
Indicate types of situations that favor each type of scripting

Benchmark 8.057
Incorporate Metadata in an HTML Document using the META tag
Indicator 8.057.001
Incorporate metadata to increase the chances of being located

Benchmark 8.058
Edit Web Sites
Indicator 8.058.001
Review pages for broken links, unlinked objects, old information
Indicator 8.058.002
Review format, language, and layout
Indicator 8.058.003
Review the accuracy of spelling
Indicator 8.058.004
Make necessary changes to the Web site
Indicator 8.058.005
View the Web site offline to ensure all changes are working properly

Benchmark 8.059
Test Web Sites for Functionality
Indicator 8.059.001
Check presentation through various browsers/configurations/platforms
Indicator 8.059.002
Access Web pages via modems of various speeds to check page loading

Benchmark 8.060
Develop a Process for Posting, Updating, and Maintaining a Web Site
Indicator 8.060.001
Identify a Web site host
Indicator 8.060.002
Decide frequency of updates, who provides information, who maintains
Indicator 8.060.003
Communicate the plan for posting, updating, and maintaining a Web site

Benchmark 8.061
Convert an Electronic Publication into a Web site
Indicator 8.061.001
Alter images & convert text to HTML to display info from a publication

Benchmark 8.062
Assess the Effects of Emerging Technology on Design
Indicator 8.062.001
Examine the effect of wireless & handheld technology on design issues

Benchmark 8.063
Evaluate Various Types of Online Services
Indicator 8.063.001
Analyze the benefits and hazards of using online services

Benchmark 8.064
Explore the Use of Communication Tools
Indicator 8.064.001
Study the application of communication tools in the workplace

Benchmark 8.065
Investigate Security Issues Related to Internet Technology
Indicator 8.065.001
Identify threats to computer systems and methods to guard against them

Benchmark 8.066
Compare Features & Functions of the Internet, Intranets, and Extranets
Indicator 8.066.001
Define and describe the Internet, intranets, and extranets
Indicator 8.066.002
Examine the features & functions of the Internet, intranet, extranets

Benchmark 8.067
Publish a Web Site to a Web Server
Indicator 8.067.001
Publish a Web site to a Web server
Indicator 8.067.002
Designate a URL
Indicator 8.067.003
Convert file path to URL
Indicator 8.067.004
Follow publishing guidelines
Indicator 8.067.005
Use FTP software or a Web design application's publishing tool
Standard 9

Benchmark 9.068
Comply With Copyright and Patent Laws
Indicator 9.068.001
Identify copyright and patent laws as they pertain to images, etc.
Indicator 9.068.002
Explain the consequences of illegal use of any images, documents, etc.
Indicator 9.068.003
Describe the different methods for obtaining permission to use

Benchmark 9.069
Analyze Situations Where Use of Items May Be Ethically Questionable
Indicator 9.069.001
Examine the differences between legal and ethical questions
Indicator 9.069.002
Examine the implications of using elements that have been altered

Benchmark 9.070
Comply with Licensing Agreements
Indicator 9.070.001
Define licensing agreement as related to desktop publishing, etc.
Indicator 9.070.002
Develop a checklist using examples of each type of agreement

Benchmark 9.071
Investigate Computer Crimes and Privacy Issues
Indicator 9.071.001
Conduct research to identify computer crimes and privacy issues

Benchmark 9.072
Investigate the Design of Web Sites for Accessibility & Accommodation
Indicator 9.072.001
Review Internet sites with web content accessibility guidelines - ADA
Indicator 9.072.002
Review Internet sites about accommodating multilingual users
Standard 10

Benchmark 10.073
Investigate New Trends in Desktop Publishing, Interactive Media, etc.
Indicator 10.073.001
Use a variety of sources to research trends

Benchmark 10.074
Describe Ways That Desktop Publishing and Web Technologies Are Used
Indicator 10.074.001
Describe the use of desktop published documents in business/industry

Benchmark 10.075
Design a Team Project for a Business Client
Indicator 10.075.001
Design a team project for a business client
Indicator 10.075.002
Identify the business client’s objectives and parameters
Indicator 10.075.003
Identify the requirements for the business client
Indicator 10.075.004
Select the appropriate design tools and software for the project
Indicator 10.075.005
Create desktop publishing documents, etc. based on client requirements

Benchmark 10.076
Deliver Presentations Using the Principles of Effective Communication
Indicator 10.076.001
Deliver presentations using the principles of effective communication

Benchmark 10.077
Critique the Clarity, Effectiveness, and Accuracy of Projects
Indicator 10.077.001
Critique in accordance with the components of effective presentations
Indicator 10.077.002
Critique in accordance with the principles of effective communications
Standard 11

Benchmark 11.078
Describe the Process/Requirements for Obtaining Industry Certification
Indicator 11.078.001
List the relevant industry certifications & explain how to obtain them

Benchmark 11.079
Identify Testing Skills/Strategies for a Certification Examination
Indicator 11.079.001
Conduct an Internet research project about testing skills/strategies
Indicator 11.079.002
Review materials from publishers of the certification examination
Indicator 11.079.003
Interview certified instructors or industry-certified professionals

Benchmark 11.080
Demonstrate Ability to Successfully Complete Practice Examinations
Indicator 11.080.001
Obtain and successfully complete practice examinations
Standard 12

Benchmark 12.081
Explore Careers in Desktop Publishing, Multimedia, Web Design
Indicator 12.081.001
Research job titles related to desktop/multimedia presentation fields
Indicator 12.081.002
Match an individual's abilities, aptitudes, and job expectations

Benchmark 12.082
Create an Electronic Résumé
Indicator 12.082.001
Update an electronic résumé using desktop publishing features

Benchmark 12.083
Compile a Professional Portfolio of Projects Produced in the Course
Indicator 12.083.001
Compile a professional portfolio of projects produced in the course

Benchmark 12.084
Deliver an Oral Presentation of his or her Portfolio
Indicator 12.084.001
Deliver an oral presentation of his or her portfolio
Indicator 12.084.002
Be prepared and know the material in the presentation
Indicator 12.084.003
Maintain eye contact with audience
Indicator 12.084.004
Speak clearly, loudly, with confidence and enthusiasm
Indicator 12.084.005
Stand up straight and avoid swaying and other nervous habits

Benchmark 12.085
Demonstrate Basic Employment Activities
Indicator 12.085.001
Complete a manual application form
Indicator 12.085.002
Compete an electronic application form
Indicator 12.085.003
Identify the steps to follow in resigning from a position
Indicator 12.085.004
Describe the purpose of an exit interview
Indicator 12.085.005
Evaluate self-performance

Benchmark 12.086
Identify Potential Employment Barriers for Nontraditional Groups
Indicator 12.086.001
Identify potential employment barriers for nontraditional groups
Indicator 12.086.002
Identify ways to overcome potential employment barriers

Essential - Standard, benchmark, or indicator from the VDOE Standards of Learning document. In the absence of VDOE standards for a given course, content subject to testing such as AP and IB can be labeled Essential.
Expected - Standard, benchmark, or indicator added by the FCPS Program of Studies to provide a context, a bridge, or an enhancement to the Essential SBIs.
Extended - Standard, benchmark, or indicator added by the FCPS Program of Studies generally used to differentiate instruction for advanced learners (Honors/GT)