Career and Technical Ed Curriculum
  Pharmacy Technician 2

This is part two (spring semester) of a two-part, full-year course.  Students must also register for part one, Pharmacy Technician 1 for the fall semester.  The Pharmacy Technician course incorporates both classroom and clinical pharmacy experiences.  The student will be given the opportunity to meet state pharmacy technician competencies as well as be exposed to the larger arena of pharmacy careers.  The course fulfills the requirements enabling the student to earn two certifications: Certified Pharmacy Technician from the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.  Students must purchase lab coats and liability insurance and meet current health agency requirements to participate in clinical experiences.

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Standard 1

Benchmark 1.001
Demonstrate Positive Work Ethic
Indicator 1.001.001
Demonstrate positive work ethic

Benchmark 1.002
Demonstrate Integrity
Indicator 1.002.001
Demonstrate integrity

Benchmark 1.003
Demonstrate Teamwork Skills
Indicator 1.003.001
Demonstrate teamwork skills

Benchmark 1.004
Demonstrate Self-Representation Skills
Indicator 1.004.001
Demonstrate self-representation skills

Benchmark 1.005
Demonstrate Diversity Awareness
Indicator 1.005.001
Demonstrate diversity awareness

Benchmark 1.006
Demonstrate Conflict-Resolution Skills
Indicator 1.006.001
Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills

Benchmark 1.007
Demonstrate Creativity and Resourcefulness
Indicator 1.007.001
Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness
Standard 2

Benchmark 2.008
Demonstrate Effective Speaking and Listening Skills
Indicator 2.008.001
Demonstrate effective speaking and listening skills

Benchmark 2.009
Demonstrate Effective Reading and Writing Skills
Indicator 2.009.001
Demonstrate effective reading and writing skills

Benchmark 2.010
Demonstrate Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
Indicator 2.010.001
Demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills

Benchmark 2.011
Demonstrate Healthy Behaviors and Safety Skills
Indicator 2.011.001
Demonstrate healthy behaviors and safety skills

Benchmark 2.012
Demonstrate an Understanding of Workplace Organizations, Systems, etc.
Indicator 2.012.001
Demonstrate an understanding of workplace organizations, systems, etc.

Benchmark 2.013
Demonstrate Lifelong-Learning Skills
Indicator 2.013.001
Demonstrate lifelong-learning skills

Benchmark 2.014
Demonstrate Job Acquisition and Advancement Skills
Indicator 2.014.001
Demonstrate job acquisition and advancement skills

Benchmark 2.015
Demonstrate Time, Task, and Resource-Management Skills
Indicator 2.015.001
Demonstrate time, task, and resource-management skills

Benchmark 2.016
Demonstrate Job-Specific Mathematics Skills
Indicator 2.016.001
Demonstrate job-specific mathematics skills

Benchmark 2.017
Demonstrate Customer-Service Skills
Indicator 2.017.001
Demonstrate customer-service skills
Standard 3

Benchmark 3.018
Demonstrate Proficiency with Technologies Common to an Occupation
Indicator 3.018.001
Demonstrate proficiency with technologies common to an occupation

Benchmark 3.019
Demonstrate Information Technology Skills
Indicator 3.019.001
Demonstrate information technology skills

Benchmark 3.020
Demonstrate an Understanding of Internet Use and Security Issues
Indicator 3.020.001
Demonstrate an understanding of Internet use and security issues

Benchmark 3.021
Demonstrate Telecommunications Skills
Indicator 3.021.001
Demonstrate telecommunications skills
Standard 4

Benchmark 4.022
Examine Planning at Individual Business and Overall Industry Levels
Indicator 4.022.001
Examine planning at individual business and overall industry levels

Benchmark 4.023
Explain Management Methods
Indicator 4.023.001
Explain management methods

Benchmark 4.024
Examine Finance: Decisions, Raising Capital, Expansion, etc.
Indicator 4.024.001
Examine finance: decisions, raising capital, expansion, etc.

Benchmark 4.025
Describe Technical and Production Skills for Production Techniques
Indicator 4.025.001
Describe technical and production skills for production techniques

Benchmark 4.026
Examine Underlying Principles of Technology
Indicator 4.026.001
Examine underlying principles of technology

Benchmark 4.027
Examine Labor Issues: Worker Rights, Labor Unions, etc.
Indicator 4.027.001
Examine labor issues: worker rights, labor unions, etc.

Benchmark 4.028
Describe Community Issues
Indicator 4.028.001
Describe community issues

Benchmark 4.029
Examine Concepts of Health, Safety and Environmental Issues
Indicator 4.029.001
Examine concepts of health, safety and environmental issues
Standard 5

Benchmark 5.030
Identify the Purposes and Goals of the Student Organization
Indicator 5.030.001
Identify the purposes and goals of the student organization

Benchmark 5.031
Explain the Benefits and Responsibilities of Organization Membership
Indicator 5.031.001
Explain the benefits and responsibilities of organization membership

Benchmark 5.032
Demonstrate Leadership Skills Through Participation in Activities
Indicator 5.032.001
Demonstrate leadership skills through participation in activities

Benchmark 5.033
Identify Internet Safety Issues & Comply with Acceptable Use Standards
Indicator 5.033.001
Identify Internet safety issues & comply with acceptable use standards
Standard 6

Benchmark 6.034
Receive Prescription Order(s) From the Patient, Prescriber, Etc.
Indicator 6.034.001
Accept new written or electronic prescription or medication order
Indicator 6.034.002
Accept refill request from patient, prescriber, health professional
Indicator 6.034.003
Accept refill request electronically
Indicator 6.034.004
Contact prescriber for clarification of prescription or refill
Indicator 6.034.005
Perform days' supply calculation/metric conversions related to dosage

Benchmark 6.035
Assist in Obtaining Information from Patient/Patient's Representative
Indicator 6.035.001
Assist in obtaining information from patient/patient's representative

Benchmark 6.036
Assist in Obtaining Information from Prescriber or the Medical Record
Indicator 6.036.001
Assist in obtaining information from prescriber, medical record, etc.

Benchmark 6.037
Collect Data to Assist the Pharmacist in Monitoring Patient Outcomes
Indicator 6.037.001
Collect data (such as blood pressure, cholesterol values, etc.)
Indicator 6.037.002
Explain the purposes of and procedures for monitoring outcomes

Benchmark 6.038
Verify Prescription or Medication Order
Indicator 6.038.001
Verify a prescription order for completeness, accuracy, legality, etc.

Benchmark 6.039
Update the Medical Record/Patient Profile
Indicator 6.039.001
Update medical record/patient profile with medication history, etc.

Benchmark 6.040
Process a Prescription or Medication Order
Indicator 6.040.001
Enter prescription order information onto patient profile
Indicator 6.040.002
Select the product(s) for a generically written prescription order
Indicator 6.040.003
Select the product(s) for a brand-name prescription order
Indicator 6.040.004
Obtain medications or devices from inventory
Indicator 6.040.005
Measure, count, or calculate finished dosage forms for dispensing
Indicator 6.040.006
Record preparation of prescription for controlled substances
Indicator 6.040.007
Package finished dosage forms (e.g., blister pack, vial)
Indicator 6.040.008
Affix label(s) and auxiliary label(s) to container(s)
Indicator 6.040.009
Assemble patient information materials
Indicator 6.040.010
Check for accuracy during processing of the prescription order
Indicator 6.040.011
Verify the measurements, preparation, packaging of medications
Indicator 6.040.012
Prepare prescription or medication order for final check by pharmacist

Benchmark 6.041
Compound a Prescription or Medication Order
Indicator 6.041.001
Assemble equipment/supplies necessary for compounding the prescription
Indicator 6.041.002
Calibrate equipment needed to compound the prescription
Indicator 6.041.003
Perform calculations for usual dosage determinations & IV admixtures
Indicator 6.041.004
Compound medications for dispensing according to prescription formula
Indicator 6.041.005
Compound medications in anticipation of prescription orders
Indicator 6.041.006
Prepare sterile products
Indicator 6.041.007
Prepare chemotherapy
Indicator 6.041.008
Record preparation and/or ingredients of medications

Benchmark 6.042
Provide Medication to Patient/Patient's Representative
Indicator 6.042.001
Store medication prior to distribution
Indicator 6.042.002
Deliver medication to patient/patient's representative
Indicator 6.042.003
Place medication in dispensing system (e.g., unit-dose cart, robotics)
Indicator 6.042.004
Deliver medication to patient-care unit, as applicable
Indicator 6.042.005
Record distribution of prescription medication
Indicator 6.042.006
Record distribution of controlled substances
Indicator 6.042.007
Record distribution of investigational drugs
Indicator 6.042.008
Maintain confidentiality of transaction

Benchmark 6.043
Assist with Data Collection and Analysis for QA and for Patient Safety
Indicator 6.043.001
Double-check one's own work
Indicator 6.043.002
Have another pharmacy technician double-check work
Indicator 6.043.003
Have a pharmacist double-check work
Indicator 6.043.004
Investigate situations where a drug misadventure is common
Indicator 6.043.005
Report and correct errors as needed

Benchmark 6.044
Determine Charges and Obtain Reimbursement for Services
Indicator 6.044.001
Use business-specific formulas to determine prices and charges

Benchmark 6.045
Communicate with Third-Party Payers: Rejects and Prior Authorizations
Indicator 6.045.001
Use professional speech & writing to communicate with 3rd-party payers

Benchmark 6.046
Provide Supplemental Information Only as Permitted
Indicator 6.046.001
Provide supplemental information only as permitted by law

Benchmark 6.047
Ask Patient Whether Counseling by Pharmacist is Desired
Indicator 6.047.001
Ask patient whether counseling by pharmacist is desired

Benchmark 6.048
Perform Drug Administration Functions Under Appropriate Supervision
Indicator 6.048.001
Perform drug/IV rounds under a pharmacist's supervision
Indicator 6.048.002
Anticipate refill of drugs/IVs under a pharmacist's supervision
Indicator 6.048.003
Administer immunizations under a pharmacist's supervision
Indicator 6.048.004
Identify drug administration functions that pharmacy techs may perform
Standard 7

Benchmark 7.049
Identify pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc. to be ordered
Indicator 7.049.001
Identify pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc. to be ordered

Benchmark 7.050
Place Routine and Emergency Orders
Indicator 7.050.001
Follow pharmacy-specific procedures for routine and emergency orders
Indicator 7.050.002
Expedite routine and emergency orders in compliance with requirements
Indicator 7.050.003
Verify all orders prior to submission

Benchmark 7.051
Receive and Verify Purchases
Indicator 7.051.001
Receive goods
Indicator 7.051.002
Verify received order against original purchase order

Benchmark 7.052
Place Purchases in Inventory
Indicator 7.052.001
Place purchases in inventory under proper storage conditions

Benchmark 7.053
Distribute Non-Patient-Specific Inventory
Indicator 7.053.001
Distribute pharmaceuticals, durable medical equipment, devices, etc.

Benchmark 7.054
Remove Expired and Other Inappropriate Items from Inventory
Indicator 7.054.001
Remove expired/discontinued/slow-moving/recalled items from inventory

Benchmark 7.055
Communicate Changes in Product Availability
Indicator 7.055.001
Communicate changes in product availability

Benchmark 7.056
Implement & Monitor Policies/Procedures To Deter Theft, Drug Diversion
Indicator 7.056.001
Restrict all access to drugs to authorized personnel only
Indicator 7.056.002
Ensure that prescription drugs are dispensed by a licensed pharmacist
Indicator 7.056.003
Make regular physical counts of all inventories
Indicator 7.056.004
Follow legal requirements, retail policy, and professional standards

Benchmark 7.057
Maintain a Record of Controlled Substances Received, Stored & Removed
Indicator 7.057.001
Maintain a record of controlled substances received, stored & removed

Benchmark 7.058
Perform Required Inventories
Indicator 7.058.001
Perform regular inventories of pharmaceuticals, devices, etc.
Indicator 7.058.002
Maintain associated records for documentation
Indicator 7.058.003
Adhere to legal and regulatory requirements and professional standards

Benchmark 7.059
Maintain Record-Keeping Systems for Inventory Activities
Indicator 7.059.001
Maintain record-keeping systems for repackaging, recalls, etc.

Benchmark 7.060
Compound Medications in Anticipation of Prescription/Medication Orders
Indicator 7.060.001
Assemble equipment, raw materials & procedures needed for compounding
Indicator 7.060.002
Follow pharmacy's procedures for bulk compounding
Indicator 7.060.003
Store the finished product
Indicator 7.060.004
Log the information as required by the pharmacy and/or manufacturer

Benchmark 7.061
Perform Quality Assurance Tests on Compounded Medication
Indicator 7.061.001
Perform tests for quality assurance on compounded medication

Benchmark 7.062
Repackage Finished Dosage Forms for Dispensing
Indicator 7.062.001
Label the product for dispensing
Indicator 7.062.002
Select the appropriate type of container
Indicator 7.062.003
Determine expiration dates
Indicator 7.062.004
Adhere to storage requirements
Indicator 7.062.005
Use appropriate resources to determine repackaging standards

Benchmark 7.063
Participate in Quality Assurance Programs Related to Products/Supplies
Indicator 7.063.001
Participate in quality assurance programs related to products/supplies
Indicator 7.063.002
Participate in the FDA's Orange Book equivalence formulary revision
Indicator 7.063.003
Participate in nursing unit audits
Indicator 7.063.004
Participate in performance evaluations of wholesalers

Benchmark 7.064
Communicate With Representatives of Pharmaceutical/Equipment Suppliers
Indicator 7.064.001
Use various communication methods for follow-up & problem resolution

Benchmark 7.065
Maintain Confidentiality of Business Information
Indicator 7.065.001
Ensure that all patient information is accessible only to staff
Indicator 7.065.002
Restrict all conversation about patient/client information to staff
Indicator 7.065.003
Speak privately and in low tones to patients and customers
Indicator 7.065.004
Avoid all mention & use of patient information outside the pharmacy
Standard 8

Benchmark 8.066
Coordinate Communication Throughout the Practice Setting
Indicator 8.066.001
Send faxes
Indicator 8.066.002
Make telephone calls
Indicator 8.066.003
Route telephone calls and faxes
Indicator 8.066.004
Practice telephone etiquette
Indicator 8.066.005
Communicate patient information to coworkers
Indicator 8.066.006
Communicate information to offices and other health care providers
Indicator 8.066.007
Identify information to enter into the computer from a written order
Indicator 8.066.008
Handle verbal and written refill authorizations
Indicator 8.066.009
Disseminate policy changes

Benchmark 8.067
Update and Maintain Information
Indicator 8.067.001
Update and maintain information

Benchmark 8.068
Collect Productivity Information
Indicator 8.068.001
Record information in a log system
Indicator 8.068.002
Review or analyze reports to identify peak times
Indicator 8.068.003
Use report results to address appropriate scheduling of personnel

Benchmark 8.069
Participate in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Activities
Indicator 8.069.001
Participate in internal audits
Indicator 8.069.002
Review technology available to enhance patient safety
Indicator 8.069.003
Keep current with state regulations that pertain to quality assurance
Indicator 8.069.004
Keep current with FDA MedWatch program and other documentation
Indicator 8.069.005
Complete medication error reports, as needed
Indicator 8.069.006
Administer customer satisfaction surveys
Indicator 8.069.007
Review other methods of enhancing customer satisfaction

Benchmark 8.070
Generate Quality Assurance Reports
Indicator 8.070.001
Identify the occurrence
Indicator 8.070.002
Select the appropriate report for the circumstances
Indicator 8.070.003
Input any needed data
Indicator 8.070.004
Use technology to generate the report
Indicator 8.070.005
Use reference materials as needed

Benchmark 8.071
Monitor for Compliance With Laws, Regulations and Standards
Indicator 8.071.001
Ensure that the pharmacy is in compliance with federal laws
Indicator 8.071.002
Ensure that the pharmacy is in compliance with state/local laws
Indicator 8.071.003
Ensure that the pharmacy is in compliance with professional standards

Benchmark 8.072
Implement Policies for Sanitation Management, Handling Hazardous Waste
Indicator 8.072.001
Follow procedures for labs and personal sanitation requirements
Indicator 8.072.002
Follow procedures for handling, storage, disposal of hazardous wastes
Indicator 8.072.003
Identify the procedures to follow if exposed to hazardous substances
Indicator 8.072.004
Maintain reviews of equipment and safety/infection control items

Benchmark 8.073
Perform and Record Routine Sanitation, Maintenance, and Calibration
Indicator 8.073.001
Perform routine activities involved in the upkeep of technology
Indicator 8.073.002
Clean equipment according to policy to ensure infection control
Indicator 8.073.003
Maintain equipment according to manufacturers’ specifications
Indicator 8.073.004
Calibrate equipment according to manufacturers’ specifications
Indicator 8.073.005
Document all routine activities according to pharmacy policy

Benchmark 8.074
Maintain and use Manual or Computer-Based information Systems
Indicator 8.074.001
Generate reports and labels
Indicator 8.074.002
Maintain drug utilization/tracking for purposes of inventory
Indicator 8.074.003
Maintain patient profiles
Indicator 8.074.004
Maintain medication administration records
Indicator 8.074.005
Identify drug/drug interactions from computer software
Indicator 8.074.006
Maintain other drug utilization methods (e.g., inappropriate dose)

Benchmark 8.075
Maintain Software for Automated Dispensing Technology
Indicator 8.075.001
Use software for automated dispensing technology
Indicator 8.075.002
Perform upgrades and other activities needed to keep software current
Indicator 8.075.003
Maintain and comply with software licensure
Indicator 8.075.004
Keep current on state-of-the-art automated dispensing software

Benchmark 8.076
Perform Billing and Accounting Functions
Indicator 8.076.001
Process personal charge accounts
Indicator 8.076.002
Process third-party rejections
Indicator 8.076.003
Perform third-party reconciliation
Indicator 8.076.004
Maintain a census
Indicator 8.076.005
Obtain prior authorization

Benchmark 8.077
Communicate with Third-Party Payers to Determine or Verify Coverage
Indicator 8.077.001
Communicate with third party reimbursement systems (multi-tiered)
Indicator 8.077.002
Communicate with third party payers regarding reject messages
Indicator 8.077.003
Communicate with other health care reimbursement systems

Benchmark 8.078
Conduct Staff Training, Inservice Training, and Continuing Education
Indicator 8.078.001
Conduct staff training, inservice training, and continuing education

Benchmark 8.079
Aid in Establishing, Implementing and Monitoring Policies & Procedures
Indicator 8.079.001
Explain the term policy
Indicator 8.079.002
Explain the term procedure
Indicator 8.079.003
Distinguish among the terms establishing, implementing, and monitoring
Indicator 8.079.004
Describe the pharmacy technician's role re: policies and procedures
Indicator 8.079.005
Identify policies with which a pharmacy technician may be involved

Benchmark 8.080
Maintain Patient and Data Confidentiality
Indicator 8.080.001
Identify the types of communication that should be kept confidential
Indicator 8.080.002
Identify the methods for ensuring confidentiality
Indicator 8.080.003
Explain the importance of patient and data confidentiality
Indicator 8.080.004
Adhere to HIPAA standards for electronic health care transactions

Benchmark 8.081
Maintain Required License(s) and/or Certification(s)
Indicator 8.081.001
Maintain required license(s) and/or certification(s)
Indicator 8.081.002
Identify state regulations in Virginia
Indicator 8.081.003
Identify national certification requirements
Indicator 8.081.004
Identify state and federal requirements regarding the physical plant

Benchmark 8.082
Implement Safety, Security and Loss-Prevention Policies and Procedures
Indicator 8.082.001
Implement emergency policies during electricity loss/national disaster
Indicator 8.082.002
Implement accessibility policies to comply with the ADA
Indicator 8.082.003
Use cash-handling procedures to prevent internal and external theft
Indicator 8.082.004
Implement policies to prevent internal and external drug loss

Benchmark 8.083
Maintain Inventory of Operational Supplies
Indicator 8.083.001
Explain the procedure for procurement of supplies and inventory
Indicator 8.083.002
Explain the importance of appropriate inventory levels

Essential - Standard, benchmark, or indicator from the VDOE Standards of Learning document. In the absence of VDOE standards for a given course, content subject to testing such as AP and IB can be labeled Essential.
Expected - Standard, benchmark, or indicator added by the FCPS Program of Studies to provide a context, a bridge, or an enhancement to the Essential SBIs.
Extended - Standard, benchmark, or indicator added by the FCPS Program of Studies generally used to differentiate instruction for advanced learners (Honors/GT)