Career and Technical Ed Curriculum
  Pharmacy Technician 1

This is part one (fall semester) of a two-part, full-year course.  Students must also register for part two, Pharmacy Technician 2 fot the spring semester.  The Pharmacy Technician course incorporates both classroom and clinical pharmacy experiences.  The student will be given the opportunity to meet state pharmacy technician competencies as well as be exposed to the larger arena of pharmacy careers.  The course fulfills the requirements enabling the student to earn two certifications: Certified Pharmacy Technician from the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

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Standard 1

Benchmark 1.001
Demonstrate Positive Work Ethic
Indicator 1.001.001
Maintain punctual and consistent attendance
Indicator 1.001.002
Take direction willingly
Indicator 1.001.003
Exhibit motivation to accomplish the task at hand

Benchmark 1.002
Demonstrate Integrity
Indicator 1.002.001
Identify and abide by laws and workplace policies
Indicator 1.002.002
Exhibit honesty and reliability

Benchmark 1.003
Demonstrate Teamwork Skills
Indicator 1.003.001
Contribute to the success of the team
Indicator 1.003.002
Assist others
Indicator 1.003.003
Request help when needed

Benchmark 1.004
Demonstrate Self-Representation Skills
Indicator 1.004.001
Dress appropriately
Indicator 1.004.002
Use language and manners suitable for the workplace

Benchmark 1.005
Demonstrate Diversity Awareness
Indicator 1.005.001
Work in a respectful & friendly manner with all customers & coworkers

Benchmark 1.006
Demonstrate Conflict-Resolution Skills
Indicator 1.006.001
Negotiate diplomatic solutions to interpersonal and workplace conflict

Benchmark 1.007
Demonstrate Creativity and Resourcefulness
Indicator 1.007.001
Contribute new ideas
Indicator 1.007.002
Work with initiative
Indicator 1.007.003
Deal skillfully and promptly with new situations and obstacles
Standard 2

Benchmark 2.008
Demonstrate Effective Speaking and Listening Skills
Indicator 2.008.001
Communicate effectively with customers and fellow coworkers
Indicator 2.008.002
Comprehend details and follow directions
Indicator 2.008.003
Repeat directions or requests to ensure understanding

Benchmark 2.009
Demonstrate Effective Reading and Writing Skills
Indicator 2.009.001
Read and correctly interpret workplace documents
Indicator 2.009.002
Write with clear and correct language, appropriate to audience

Benchmark 2.010
Demonstrate Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
Indicator 2.010.001
Analyze and solve problems that arise in completing assigned tasks

Benchmark 2.011
Demonstrate Healthy Behaviors and Safety Skills
Indicator 2.011.001
Manage personal health
Indicator 2.011.002
Follow safety guidelines

Benchmark 2.012
Demonstrate an Understanding of Workplace Organizations, Systems, etc.
Indicator 2.012.001
Identify “big picture” issues
Indicator 2.012.002
Explain one’s role in fulfilling the mission of the workplace

Benchmark 2.013
Demonstrate Lifelong-Learning Skills
Indicator 2.013.001
Continually acquire new industry-related knowledge
Indicator 2.013.002
Improve professional skills to stay current in the field & to advance
Indicator 2.013.003
Seek education and experiences that enhance personal growth

Benchmark 2.014
Demonstrate Job Acquisition and Advancement Skills
Indicator 2.014.001
Prepare to apply for a job
Indicator 2.014.002
Seek promotion

Benchmark 2.015
Demonstrate Time, Task, and Resource-Management Skills
Indicator 2.015.001
Organize and implement a productive plan of work
Indicator 2.015.002
Manage resources

Benchmark 2.016
Demonstrate Job-Specific Mathematics Skills
Indicator 2.016.001
Use mathematical reasoning/processes to accomplish job-specific tasks

Benchmark 2.017
Demonstrate Customer-Service Skills
Indicator 2.017.001
Address the needs of all customers
Indicator 2.017.002
Provide helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable service
Standard 3

Benchmark 3.018
Demonstrate Proficiency with Technologies Common to an Occupation
Indicator 3.018.001
Select & use technological resources to accomplish work efficiently

Benchmark 3.019
Demonstrate Information Technology Skills
Indicator 3.019.001
Work with hardware, file-management techniques, and software/programs
Indicator 3.019.002
Work with equipment and software appropriate to occupation
Indicator 3.019.003
Seek additional technology that might improve work processes/products

Benchmark 3.020
Demonstrate an Understanding of Internet Use and Security Issues
Indicator 3.020.001
Use the Internet efficiently and ethically for work
Indicator 3.020.002
Take measures to avoid Internet security risks

Benchmark 3.021
Demonstrate Telecommunications Skills
Indicator 3.021.001
Select and use telecommunications devices
Indicator 3.021.002
Select and use telecommunications services
Indicator 3.021.003
Select and use Web-based applications
Standard 4

Benchmark 4.022
Examine Planning at Individual Business and Overall Industry Levels
Indicator 4.022.001
Develop strategic plans - mission, vision, goals, objectives, etc.
Indicator 4.022.002
Work with planning tools such as surveys, market research, etc.
Indicator 4.022.003
Anticipate needs for staffing and purchases of equipment and supplies
Indicator 4.022.004
Develop plans for training and upgrading of staff
Indicator 4.022.005
Forecast market trends
Indicator 4.022.006
Develop business plans for entrepreneurial ventures

Benchmark 4.023
Explain Management Methods
Indicator 4.023.001
Use an organization chart to explain how a chain of command works
Indicator 4.023.002
Provide input for strategic plans & communicating the company's vision
Indicator 4.023.003
Lead employees in carrying out strategic plans and action plans
Indicator 4.023.004
Evaluate employee performance
Indicator 4.023.005
Anticipate technology and other major purchasing needs
Indicator 4.023.006
Ensure equity and access for employees
Indicator 4.023.007
Resolve conflicts
Indicator 4.023.008
Develop job descriptions and written policies/procedures
Indicator 4.023.009
Identify recruitment procedures, training opportunities, etc.
Indicator 4.023.010
Work with professional associations and community outreach efforts

Benchmark 4.024
Examine Finance: Decisions, Raising Capital, Expansion, etc.
Indicator 4.024.001
Develop budgets
Indicator 4.024.002
Prepare financial statements
Indicator 4.024.003
Analyze and manage financial transactions and records
Indicator 4.024.004
Implement payroll procedures
Indicator 4.024.005
Determine and pay taxes
Indicator 4.024.006
Identify indirect wage costs
Indicator 4.024.007
Make loans and grant credit to customers
Indicator 4.024.008
Develop graphs and charts related to company finances
Indicator 4.024.009
Identify & implement methods of sustaining profitability of a business
Indicator 4.024.010
Manage 401K plans
Indicator 4.024.011
Identify sources of capital

Benchmark 4.025
Describe Technical and Production Skills for Production Techniques
Indicator 4.025.001
Use troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques
Indicator 4.025.002
Analyze information to make decisions
Indicator 4.025.003
Identify and implement quality assurance techniques
Indicator 4.025.004
Employ communication skills (writing, listening, speaking, etc.)
Indicator 4.025.005
Participate in team efforts
Indicator 4.025.006
Implement projects and new techniques
Indicator 4.025.007
Demonstrate basic computer skills
Indicator 4.025.008
Employ time management techniques in completing tasks
Indicator 4.025.009
Demonstrate ethical behavior and work ethic

Benchmark 4.026
Examine Underlying Principles of Technology
Indicator 4.026.001
Identify principles of technology an employee should know

Benchmark 4.027
Examine Labor Issues: Worker Rights, Labor Unions, etc.
Indicator 4.027.001
Identify a variety of labor issues

Benchmark 4.028
Describe Community Issues
Indicator 4.028.001
Explain the impacts of community issues on business
Indicator 4.028.002
Identify methods used by business to become involved in the community

Benchmark 4.029
Examine Concepts of Health, Safety & Environmental Issues
Indicator 4.029.001
Describe concepts related to health issues
Indicator 4.029.002
Describe concepts related to safety issues
Indicator 4.029.003
Describe concepts related to environmental issues
Standard 5

Benchmark 5.030
Identify the Purposes and Goals of the Student Organization
Indicator 5.030.001
Identify the purposes of the student organization
Indicator 5.030.002
Identify the goals of the student organization

Benchmark 5.031
Explain the Benefits and Responsibilities of Organization Membership
Indicator 5.031.001
Explain membership benefits of student and civic organizations
Indicator 5.031.002
Explain membership responsibilities of student and civic organizations

Benchmark 5.032
Demonstrate Leadership Skills Through Participation in Activities
Indicator 5.032.001
Participate in activities: meetings, community-service, competitions

Benchmark 5.033
Identify Internet Safety Issues & Comply with Acceptable Use Standards
Indicator 5.033.001
Identify Internet safety issues
Indicator 5.033.002
Identify procedures for complying with acceptable use standards
Standard 6

Benchmark 6.034
Describe Various Pharmacy Settings
Indicator 6.034.001
Compare and contrast a variety of pharmacy & pharmacy-related settings

Benchmark 6.035
Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of Pharmacy Professionals
Indicator 6.035.001
Describe the roles and responsibilities of pharmacy professionals
Indicator 6.035.002
Explain the chain of command and why following the chain is essential
Standard 7

Benchmark 7.036
Research Job Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians
Indicator 7.036.001
Review several resources to research job opportunities

Benchmark 7.037
Prepare a Résumé & Application Letter for Pharmacy Technician Position
Indicator 7.037.001
Prepare a résumé suited to the requirements of the potential employer
Indicator 7.037.002
Explain the legal basis for not including photo, age, race, or gender
Indicator 7.037.003
Describe criteria for selecting references & seeking their permission
Indicator 7.037.004
Prepare an application cover letter tailored to the specific job

Benchmark 7.038
Prepare to Interview for a Pharmacy Technician Position
Indicator 7.038.001
Prepare to interview for a pharmacy technician position

Benchmark 7.039
Comply with Current State and Federal Regulations
Indicator 7.039.001
Regularly monitor the major state pharmacy-related laws & regulations
Indicator 7.039.002
Monitor the major federal laws & regulations related to drugs/pharmacy

Benchmark 7.040
Explain the Role of Professional Ethics in the Pharmacy Workplace
Indicator 7.040.001
Define ethics and compare/contrast ethics with law
Indicator 7.040.002
Define a code of ethics and explain its influence in pharmacy work

Benchmark 7.041
Explain the Importance of Professional Development
Indicator 7.041.001
Identify professional organization memberships
Indicator 7.041.002
Describe certifications available to pharmacy technicians
Indicator 7.041.003
Describe options for further education for pharmacy technicians
Indicator 7.041.004
Describe the nature and importance of training sessions
Indicator 7.041.005
Identify professional literature available for pharmacy technicians
Indicator 7.041.006
Explain the importance of keeping current with pharmaceutical advances
Standard 8

Benchmark 8.042
Demonstrate Appropriate Nonverbal Communication Skills
Indicator 8.042.001
Maintain a calm and controlled demeanor
Indicator 8.042.002
Exhibit proper posture
Indicator 8.042.003
Maintain eye contact
Indicator 8.042.004
Smile at beginning & end of conversation and at appropriate points
Indicator 8.042.005
Listen carefully
Indicator 8.042.006
Use appropriate body language
Indicator 8.042.007
Maintain appropriate interpersonal space
Indicator 8.042.008
Maintain professional standards for dress and neatness

Benchmark 8.043
Demonstrate Appropriate Verbal Communication Skills
Indicator 8.043.001
Use appropriate verbal communication skills

Benchmark 8.044
Maintain Patient Confidentiality in the Customer Service Environment
Indicator 8.044.001
Maintain patient confidentiality

Benchmark 8.045
Handle Customer Service Challenges
Indicator 8.045.001
Maintain eye contact, professional tone of voice, pleasant expression
Indicator 8.045.002
Carry on a patient-centric dialogue to achieve empathy
Indicator 8.045.003
Keep the conversation focused on the problem to be solved
Indicator 8.045.004
Work with the patient to achieve resolution
Indicator 8.045.005
Describe situations in which assistance is needed
Standard 9

Benchmark 9.046
Provide a Safe, Clean, Comfortable Environment for the Client
Indicator 9.046.001
Provide a safe environment for the client
Indicator 9.046.002
Provide a clean environment for the client
Indicator 9.046.003
Provide a comfortable environment for the client
Indicator 9.046.004
Explain the legal & professional standards related to pharmacy safety

Benchmark 9.047
Identify Environmental Safety Hazards, Prevention Methods, etc.
Indicator 9.047.001
Identify safety hazards, prevention methods, and disaster plans

Benchmark 9.048
Demonstrate General Principles of Asepsis
Indicator 9.048.001
Define asepsis
Indicator 9.048.002
Explain when pharmacy staff handwashing is needed
Indicator 9.048.003
Use correct handwashing technique
Indicator 9.048.004
Describe the medical aseptic technique
Indicator 9.048.005
Explain when the aseptic technique is used in pharmacies
Indicator 9.048.006
Explain the primary methods of disinfection and sterilization
Indicator 9.048.007
Clean equipment, supplies, work areas, and client areas

Benchmark 9.049
Implement Universal Precautions and Infectious Disease Control Measure
Indicator 9.049.001
Explain the nature and importance of universal precautions
Indicator 9.049.002
Identify appropriate precautions
Indicator 9.049.003
Identify microorganisms that produce diseases and how they are spread
Indicator 9.049.004
Identify illnesses related to an infection
Indicator 9.049.005
Describe the conditions that promote bacterial growth and reproduction
Indicator 9.049.006
Demonstrate the use of universal precautions
Indicator 9.049.007
Describe infectious disease control measures
Indicator 9.049.008
Demonstrate control measures for infectious disease

Benchmark 9.050
Identify Sterilization and Sanitation Procedures
Indicator 9.050.001
Describe the methods of sterilization
Indicator 9.050.002
Identify the methods of cleaning equipment and supplies
Indicator 9.050.003
Describe the methods for donning and removing a gown, mask, and gloves
Indicator 9.050.004
Identify the methods for assisting with a sterile procedure

Benchmark 9.051
Identify Laws Concerning Infectious and Hazardous Waste
Indicator 9.051.001
Explain the role of OSHA in the pharmacy environment
Indicator 9.051.002
Identify types of information found on a material safety data sheet
Indicator 9.051.003
Identify federal regulations regarding infectious and hazardous waste
Indicator 9.051.004
Identify items that would be considered infectious or hazardous waste
Indicator 9.051.005
Identify procedures for the disposal of infectious or hazardous waste

Essential - Standard, benchmark, or indicator from the VDOE Standards of Learning document. In the absence of VDOE standards for a given course, content subject to testing such as AP and IB can be labeled Essential.
Expected - Standard, benchmark, or indicator added by the FCPS Program of Studies to provide a context, a bridge, or an enhancement to the Essential SBIs.
Extended - Standard, benchmark, or indicator added by the FCPS Program of Studies generally used to differentiate instruction for advanced learners (Honors/GT)