Career and Technical Ed Curriculum
  Design, Multimedia and Web

This product-oriented course introduces the student to multimedia presentations, desktop publications, and web page creation.  Hands-on activities are used as students develop skills, master techniques, and prepare products for a client-based environment.  Students learn to create professional slideshow presentations using animation, sound, and videos.  Students also create brochures, flyers, business advertisements, and many other useful documents using Adobe products.  The course also introduces students to document construction for publishing on the World Wide Web using authoring software.  Units of instruction include design and layout, typeface selection, electronic scanners and scanned images, image editing, digital cameras and images, and video capturing.  Internet research and copyright laws are emphasized.  The cooperative education (Business Cooperative Internship--679920) method is available for this course.  Students combine classroom instruction and supervised on-the-job training in an approved position with continuing supervision throughout the school year.

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Standard 1

Benchmark 1.001
Demonstrate Positive Work Ethic
Indicator 1.001.001
Maintain punctual and consistent attendance
Indicator 1.001.002
Take direction willingly
Indicator 1.001.003
Exhibit motivation to accomplish the task at hand

Benchmark 1.002
Demonstrate Integrity
Indicator 1.002.001
Identify and abide by laws and workplace policies
Indicator 1.002.002
Exhibit honesty and reliability

Benchmark 1.003
Demonstrate Teamwork Skills
Indicator 1.003.001
Contribute to the success of the team
Indicator 1.003.002
Assist others
Indicator 1.003.003
Request help when needed

Benchmark 1.004
Demonstrate Self-Representation Skills
Indicator 1.004.001
Dress appropriately
Indicator 1.004.002
Use language and manners suitable for the workplace

Benchmark 1.005
Demonstrate Diversity Awareness
Indicator 1.005.001
Work in a respectful & friendly manner with all customers & coworkers

Benchmark 1.006
Demonstrate Conflict-Resolution Skills
Indicator 1.006.001
Negotiate diplomatic solutions to interpersonal & workplace conflicts

Benchmark 1.007
Demonstrate Creativity and Resourcefulness
Indicator 1.007.001
Contribute new ideas
Indicator 1.007.002
Work with initiative
Indicator 1.007.003
Deal skillfully and promptly with new situations and obstacles
Standard 2

Benchmark 2.008
Demonstrate Effective Speaking and Listening Skills
Indicator 2.008.001
Communicate effectively with customers and fellow coworkers
Indicator 2.008.002
Comprehend details and follow directions
Indicator 2.008.003
Repeat directions or requests to ensure understanding

Benchmark 2.009
Demonstrate Effective Reading and Writing Skills
Indicator 2.009.001
Read and correctly interpret workplace documents
Indicator 2.009.002
Write with clear and correct language, appropriate to audience

Benchmark 2.010
Demonstrate Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
Indicator 2.010.001
Analyze and solve problems that arise in completing assigned tasks

Benchmark 2.011
Demonstrate Healthy Behaviors and Safety Skills
Indicator 2.011.001
Manage personal health
Indicator 2.011.002
Follow safety guidelines

Benchmark 2.012
Demonstrate an Understanding of Workplace Organizations, Systems, etc.
Indicator 2.012.001
Identify “big picture” issues
Indicator 2.012.002
Explain one’s role in fulfilling the mission of the workplace

Benchmark 2.013
Demonstrate Lifelong-Learning Skills
Indicator 2.013.001
Continually acquire new industry-related knowledge
Indicator 2.013.002
Improve professional skills to stay current in the field & to advance
Indicator 2.013.003
Seek education and experiences that enhance personal growth

Benchmark 2.014
Demonstrate Job Acquisition and Advancement Skills
Indicator 2.014.001
Prepare to apply for a job
Indicator 2.014.002
Seek promotion

Benchmark 2.015
Demonstrate Time, Task, and Resource-Management Skills
Indicator 2.015.001
Organize and implement a productive plan of work
Indicator 2.015.002
Manage resources

Benchmark 2.016
Demonstrate Job-Specific Mathematics Skills
Indicator 2.016.001
Use mathematical reasoning/processes to accomplish job-specific tasks

Benchmark 2.017
Demonstrate Customer-Service Skills
Indicator 2.017.001
Address the needs of all customers
Indicator 2.017.002
Provide helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable service
Standard 3

Benchmark 3.018
Demonstrate Proficiency with Technologies Common to an Occupation
Indicator 3.018.001
Select & use technological resources to accomplish work efficiently

Benchmark 3.019
Demonstrate Information Technology Skills
Indicator 3.019.001
Work with hardware, file-management techniques, and software/programs
Indicator 3.019.002
Work with equipment and software appropriate to occupation
Indicator 3.019.003
Seek additional technology that might improve work processes/products

Benchmark 3.020
Demonstrate an Understanding of Internet Use and Security Issues
Indicator 3.020.001
Use the Internet efficiently and ethically for work
Indicator 3.020.002
Take measures to avoid Internet security risks

Benchmark 3.021
Demonstrate Telecommunications Skills
Indicator 3.021.001
Select and use telecommunications devices
Indicator 3.021.002
Select and use telecommunications services
Indicator 3.021.003
Select and use Web-based applications
Standard 4

Benchmark 4.022
Examine Planning at Individual Business and Overall Industry Levels
Indicator 4.022.001
Develop strategic plans-mission, vision, goals, objectives, etc.
Indicator 4.022.002
Work with planning tools
Indicator 4.022.003
Anticipate needs for staffing and purchases of equipment and supplies
Indicator 4.022.004
Develop plans for training and upgrading of staff
Indicator 4.022.005
Forecast market trends
Indicator 4.022.006
Develop business plans for entrepreneurial ventures

Benchmark 4.023
Explain Management Methods
Indicator 4.023.001
Use an organization chart to explain how a chain of command works
Indicator 4.023.002
Provide input for strategic plans & communicating the company's vision
Indicator 4.023.003
Lead employees in carrying out strategic plans and action plans
Indicator 4.023.004
Evaluate employee performance
Indicator 4.023.005
Anticipate technology and other major purchasing needs
Indicator 4.023.006
Ensure equity and access for employees
Indicator 4.023.007
Resolve conflicts
Indicator 4.023.008
Develop job descriptions and written policies/procedures
Indicator 4.023.009
Identify recruitment procedures, training opportunities, etc.
Indicator 4.023.010
Work with professional associations and community outreach efforts

Benchmark 4.024
Examine Finance: Decisions, Raising Capital, Expansion, etc.
Indicator 4.024.001
Develop budgets
Indicator 4.024.002
Prepare financial statements
Indicator 4.024.003
Analyze and manage financial transactions and records
Indicator 4.024.004
Implement payroll procedures
Indicator 4.024.005
Determine and pay taxes
Indicator 4.024.006
Identify indirect wage costs
Indicator 4.024.007
Make loans and grant credit to customers
Indicator 4.024.008
Develop graphs and charts related to company finances
Indicator 4.024.009
Identify & implement methods of sustaining profitability of a business
Indicator 4.024.010
Manage 401K plans
Indicator 4.024.011
Identify sources of capital

Benchmark 4.025
Describe Technical and Production Skills for Production Techniques
Indicator 4.025.001
Use troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques
Indicator 4.025.002
Analyze information to make decisions
Indicator 4.025.003
Identify and implement quality assurance techniques
Indicator 4.025.004
Employ communication skills (writing, listening, speaking, etc.)
Indicator 4.025.005
Participate in team efforts
Indicator 4.025.006
Implement projects and new techniques
Indicator 4.025.007
Demonstrate basic computer skills
Indicator 4.025.008
Employ time management techniques in completing tasks
Indicator 4.025.009
Demonstrate ethical behavior and work ethic

Benchmark 4.026
Examine Underlying Principles of Technology
Indicator 4.026.001
Identify principles of technology an employee should know

Benchmark 4.027
Examine Labor Issues: Worker Rights, Labor Unions, etc.
Indicator 4.027.001
Identify a variety of labor issues

Benchmark 4.028
Describe Community Issues
Indicator 4.028.001
Explain the impacts of community issues on business
Indicator 4.028.002
Identify methods used by business to become involved in the community

Benchmark 4.029
Examine Concepts of Health, Safety & Environmental Issues
Indicator 4.029.001
Describe concepts related to health issues
Indicator 4.029.002
Describe concepts related to safety issues
Indicator 4.029.003
Describe concepts related to environmental issues
Standard 5

Benchmark 5.030
Identify the Purposes and Goals of the Student Organization
Indicator 5.030.001
Identify the purposes of the student organization
Indicator 5.030.002
Identify the goals of the student organization

Benchmark 5.031
Explain the Benefits and Responsibilities of Organization Membership
Indicator 5.031.001
Explain membership benefits of student and civic organizations
Indicator 5.031.002
Explain membership responsibilities of student and civic organizations

Benchmark 5.032
Demonstrate Leadership Skills Through Participation in Activities
Indicator 5.032.001
Participate in activities: meetings, community-service, competitions

Benchmark 5.033
Identify Internet Safety Issues & Comply with Acceptable Use Standards
Indicator 5.033.001
Identify Internet safety issues
Indicator 5.033.002
Identify procedures for complying with acceptable use standards
Standard 6

Benchmark 6.034
Describe Differences Among Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, etc.
Indicator 6.034.001
Provide examples of word processing, desktop publishing, etc.
Indicator 6.034.002
Identify appropriate applications to use with various business tasks

Benchmark 6.035
Compare OS and Hardware Requirements for Electronic Publishing
Indicator 6.035.001
Explain operating system available for student use
Indicator 6.035.002
Describe input devices available for student use
Indicator 6.035.003
Describe output devices available for student use
Indicator 6.035.004
Describe display devices available for student use
Indicator 6.035.005
Explain the purpose of graphics and sound cards
Indicator 6.035.006
Explain the capabilities and suitability of graphics cards
Indicator 6.035.007
Compare Hardware Components Against the Software’s System Requirements

Benchmark 6.036
Evaluate Software Programs That May Be Used for Electronic Publication
Indicator 6.036.001
Identify programs classified as desktop publishing, presentation, etc.
Indicator 6.036.002
Review program strengths and weaknesses
Indicator 6.036.003
Compare costs versus program features
Indicator 6.036.004
Choose appropriate software to perform certain applications & tasks

Benchmark 6.037
Use Technical Manuals, Online Help, etc. to Solve Problems
Indicator 6.037.001
Resolve problems using the software manual and quick reference cards
Indicator 6.037.002
Resolve problems using the help menu contained within the program
Indicator 6.037.003
Resolve problems using online (Web-based) software support

Benchmark 6.038
Back up Files, Using the Server, Floppy Disks, CD-RW, or Zip Disk
Indicator 6.038.001
Back up files by using appropriate media
Standard 7

Benchmark 7.039
Identify Audience, Purpose, Requirements, and Schedule for the Project
Indicator 7.039.001
Identify audience, purpose, requirements, and production schedule

Benchmark 7.040
Apply Principles of Design, Layout, and Typography
Indicator 7.040.001
Use appropriate font, white space, column position, page margins, etc.

Benchmark 7.041
Design a Layout for Ease of Readability and Attractiveness
Indicator 7.041.001
Prepare a storyboard/mock-up that uses white space, margins, etc.

Benchmark 7.042
Enhance the Appearance of a Document Using Desktop Features
Indicator 7.042.001
Use graphic boxes, illustrations, lines, clip art, drop caps & bullets
Standard 8

Benchmark 8.043
Compose News Articles and Feature Stories
Indicator 8.043.001
Identify the characteristics of a news article
Indicator 8.043.002
Identify the characteristics of a feature story.
Indicator 8.043.003
Meet journalistic requirements

Benchmark 8.044
Gather/Compose Documents & Graphics for Use in Publishing Applications
Indicator 8.044.001
Prepare text in exportable format
Indicator 8.044.002
Select appropriate graphics or illustrations
Indicator 8.044.003
Select appropriate font, font size, font style and effects
Indicator 8.044.004
Prepare storyboard/mock-up using prepared text and graphics

Benchmark 8.045
Create Master Pages
Indicator 8.045.001
Identify the characteristics of a master page
Indicator 8.045.002
Create a master page

Benchmark 8.046
Produce Style Sheets
Indicator 8.046.001
Identify the characteristics of a style sheet
Indicator 8.046.002
Create a color palette
Indicator 8.046.003
Produce a style sheet

Benchmark 8.047
Follow Journalistic Principles in Layout and Design
Indicator 8.047.001
Display proficiency with columns, text alignment, headlines & captions

Benchmark 8.048
Determine Appropriate Desktop Publishing Software and Other Materials
Indicator 8.048.001
Compare program costs versus program features
Indicator 8.048.002
Select appropriate desktop publishing software based on criteria

Benchmark 8.049
Compose Headlines and Captions
Indicator 8.049.001
Identify the characteristics of a headline
Indicator 8.049.002
Identify the characteristics of a caption
Indicator 8.049.003
Meet journalistic requirements

Benchmark 8.050
Proofread and Edit Text for Format, Style, and Clarity Using Symbols
Indicator 8.050.001
Correct rough draft copy according to the five Cs of effective writing

Benchmark 8.051
Create Multi-Page and Multi-Column Documents
Indicator 8.051.001
Create multi-page and multi-column documents by following guidelines

Benchmark 8.052
Demonstrate the Use of Keyboard Shortcuts
Indicator 8.052.001
Use keyboard shortcuts from drop-down menus
Indicator 8.052.002
Identify and use function key combinations that provide shortcuts

Benchmark 8.053
Generate a Variety of Specialized Documents
Indicator 8.053.001
Create and publish specialized documents

Benchmark 8.054
Create a Desktop Publication in a Format for Electronic Distribution
Indicator 8.054.001
Create desktop published documents which meet format requirements
Indicator 8.054.002
Upload and download files via the FTP communications rules

Benchmark 8.055
Incorporate Original/Imported Text, Graphics, Tables, and Charts
Indicator 8.055.001
Use the copy/cut & paste method to insert/import text, graphics, etc.
Indicator 8.055.002
Drag a file of one type and drop it into a file of another type

Benchmark 8.056
Incorporate Audio and/or Visual Elements
Indicator 8.056.001
Use a scanner to scan photographs and graphics
Indicator 8.056.002
Use a digital camera to take digital photographs
Indicator 8.056.003
Save sound as a WAV file, MP3 file, or other appropriate format
Indicator 8.056.004
Insert scanned images, digital photographs, and sound files
Indicator 8.056.005
Download royalty-free graphics and sound clips from World Wide Web
Indicator 8.056.006
Insert downloaded graphics and sound clips

Benchmark 8.057
Convert a Document to Electronic Format
Indicator 8.057.001
Use Adobe Acrobat to convert a document to PDF format
Indicator 8.057.002
Access and convert a document to PDF format online

Benchmark 8.058
Critique Project
Indicator 8.058.001
Critique the project based on specific guidelines
Standard 9

Benchmark 9.059
Identify the Components of an Effective Multimedia Presentation
Indicator 9.059.001
Identify the components of an effective multimedia presentation

Benchmark 9.060
Describe Various Output Options for Multimedia Software
Indicator 9.060.001
Describe the need and use for different presentation outputs

Benchmark 9.061
Plan and Create a Multimedia Presentation/Project
Indicator 9.061.001
Plan a multimedia presentation by using a storyboard
Indicator 9.061.002
Build slides by using the components of effective presentations

Benchmark 9.062
Proofread and Edit a Multimedia Presentation/Project
Indicator 9.062.001
Check the format, mechanics, and clarity of message
Indicator 9.062.002
Analyze the document for effective presentation components

Benchmark 9.063
Produce Master Slides, Templates, or Themes
Indicator 9.063.001
Identify the characteristics of a master slide and create one
Indicator 9.063.002
Identify the characteristics of a template and create one

Benchmark 9.064
Draw and Edit Objects Incorporating Fills, Borders, and Lines
Indicator 9.064.001
Use the drawing toolbar to create lines, shapes, and special effects

Benchmark 9.065
Enhance a Multimedia Presentation with Features
Indicator 9.065.001
Use the clip art gallery, line art,or other artwork to insert graphics
Indicator 9.065.002
Use the slide sorter view to set slide timings and slide transitions
Indicator 9.065.003
Utilize animation techniques
Indicator 9.065.004
Alter the color scheme and the background

Benchmark 9.066
Incorporate Charts and Graphs Into a Multimedia Presentation/Project
Indicator 9.066.001
Copy and paste graphs/charts or use Graph to create graphs/charts
Indicator 9.066.002
Embed OLE spreadsheets and charts
Indicator 9.066.003
Animate charts

Benchmark 9.067
Incorporate Visual Elements Using Scanned Images, Graphics, etc.
Indicator 9.067.001
Use a scanner to scan photographs and graphics
Indicator 9.067.002
Use a digital camera to take digital photographs
Indicator 9.067.003
Insert scanned images, digital photographs, and video clips

Benchmark 9.068
Incorporate Digital Audio Elements
Indicator 9.068.001
Insert digital audio files
Indicator 9.068.002
Insert speech recognition

Benchmark 9.069
Incorporate Audio and Visual Elements From the Web
Indicator 9.069.001
Download royalty-free graphics and sound files from the Web
Indicator 9.069.002
Insert royalty-free graphics and sound files
Indicator 9.069.003
Use Web sites for additional clip art, pictures, sounds, etc.

Benchmark 9.070
Incorporate Animation Techniques Into a Multimedia Presentation
Indicator 9.070.001
Use a variety of animation features

Benchmark 9.071
Integrate a Variety of Software Applications Into a Presentation
Indicator 9.071.001
Use the multitasking feature
Indicator 9.071.002
Use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands, buttons, or drag-and-drop
Indicator 9.071.003
Insert symbols, text box, movies/sound, pictures, and embedded objects

Benchmark 9.072
Deliver a Multimedia Presentation
Indicator 9.072.001
Deliver a multimedia presentation

Benchmark 9.073
Critique the Clarity and Effectiveness of Multimedia Presentations
Indicator 9.073.001
Critique in accordance with the components of effective presentations
Indicator 9.073.002
Critique in accordance with the principles of effective communications

Benchmark 9.074
Create Handouts and Other Visuals
Indicator 9.074.001
Create handouts and other visuals using the View pull-down menu
Indicator 9.074.002
Print handouts and other visuals using the Print dialogue box
Standard 10

Benchmark 10.075
Evaluate Various Methods of Web Page Creation; Research Best Practices
Indicator 10.075.001
Evaluate the various methods of Web page creation
Indicator 10.075.002
Determine which method would be most effective to use

Benchmark 10.076
Research and Develop the Architectural Requirements for a Web Site
Indicator 10.076.001
Research and organize the architectural requirements for a Web site

Benchmark 10.077
Use a Programming Language or Software to Create Web Sites
Indicator 10.077.001
Set up a storyboard/mock-up site
Indicator 10.077.002
Use a programming language or a web page creation software program
Indicator 10.077.003
View pages using a Web browser

Benchmark 10.078
Apply Web Page Design Features
Indicator 10.078.001
Experiment with a variety of applications in different combinations

Benchmark 10.079
Create Hypertext Links to Other Pages or Sites
Indicator 10.079.001
Create hyperlinks between pages in the Web site and to external links

Benchmark 10.080
Proofread, Edit & Test a Web Site on Multiple Browsers and Platforms
Indicator 10.080.001
Proofread and edit to achieve correct format, mechanics, and clarity
Indicator 10.080.002
Test the Web site offline by opening Web pages in multiple browsers

Benchmark 10.081
Develop a Plan for Posting, Updating & Maintaining a Secure Web Site
Indicator 10.081.001
Identify a Web site host
Indicator 10.081.002
Decide frequency of updates, content provider, and site maintenance
Indicator 10.081.003
Communicate the plan for posting, updating & maintaining the Web site

Benchmark 10.082
Describe Various Methods of Publicizing and Promoting a New Web Site
Indicator 10.082.001
Describe options for promoting a Web site

Benchmark 10.083
Critique a Web Site According to Accepted Web Design Principles
Indicator 10.083.001
Analyze the design/technical elements used in professional Web sites
Standard 11

Benchmark 11.084
Investigate Computer Crimes and Privacy Issues Related to Internet Use
Indicator 11.084.001
Conduct research to identify computer crimes and privacy issues

Benchmark 11.085
Identify and Comply With Copyright and Patent Laws
Indicator 11.085.001
Identify copyright and patent laws as they pertain to images, etc.
Indicator 11.085.002
Discuss the consequences of illegal use of any images, documents, etc.
Indicator 11.085.003
Discuss the different methods for obtaining permission to use
Indicator 11.085.004
Create and maintain documentation of all copyrighted materials used

Benchmark 11.086
Identify Situations Where Use of Items May Be Ethically Questionable
Indicator 11.086.001
Examine the differences between legal and ethical questions
Indicator 11.086.002
Examine the implications of using elements that have been altered

Benchmark 11.087
Identify and Comply With Licensing Agreements
Indicator 11.087.001
Develop a checklist using examples of each type of agreement

Benchmark 11.088
Investigate Security Issues Related to Technology
Indicator 11.088.001
Conduct research to identify threats to computer systems
Indicator 11.088.002
Conduct research to identify methods for guarding against threats
Standard 12

Benchmark 12.089
Describe the Process/Requirements for Obtaining Industry Certification
Indicator 12.089.001
List the relevant industry certifications & explain how to obtain them

Benchmark 12.090
Identify Testing Skills/Strategies for a Certification Examination
Indicator 12.090.001
Conduct an Internet research project about testing skills/strategies
Indicator 12.090.002
Review materials from publishers of the certification examination
Indicator 12.090.003
Interview certified instructors or industry-certified professionals

Benchmark 12.091
Demonstrate Ability to Successfully Complete Practice Examinations
Indicator 12.091.001
Obtain and successfully complete practice examinations
Standard 13

Benchmark 13.092
Explore Careers in Desktop Publishing, Multimedia, and Web Design
Indicator 13.092.001
Research job titles related to desktop/multimedia presentation fields
Indicator 13.092.002
Match an individual's abilities and aptitudes with industry standards

Benchmark 13.093
Describe Ways That Desktop Publishing, Multimedia, etc. can be Used
Indicator 13.093.001
List occupations related to the field
Indicator 13.093.002
Explain the benefits of desktop/multimedia presentation tools
Indicator 13.093.003
List business scenarios that may benefit from presentation tools

Benchmark 13.094
Create or Update a Printed Résumé Using Desktop Publishing Features
Indicator 13.094.001
Create or update a résumé using desktop publishing features

Benchmark 13.095
Assemble a Professional Portfolio That Includes a Résumé and Projects
Indicator 13.095.001
Assemble a professional portfolio

Benchmark 13.096
Investigate New & Emerging Trends in Desktop Publishing & Web Design
Indicator 13.096.001
Create a report on new and emerging trends in desktop publishing, etc.

Benchmark 13.097
Describe Basic Employment Activities
Indicator 13.097.001
Complete a manual application form
Indicator 13.097.002
Compete an electronic application form
Indicator 13.097.003
Identify the steps to follow in resigning from a position
Indicator 13.097.004
Describe the purpose of an exit interview
Indicator 13.097.005
Evaluate self-performance

Benchmark 13.098
Identify Potential Employment Barriers for Nontraditional Groups
Indicator 13.098.001
Identify potential employment barriers for nontraditional groups
Indicator 13.098.002
Identify ways to overcome potential employment barriers

Essential - Standard, benchmark, or indicator from the VDOE Standards of Learning document. In the absence of VDOE standards for a given course, content subject to testing such as AP and IB can be labeled Essential.
Expected - Standard, benchmark, or indicator added by the FCPS Program of Studies to provide a context, a bridge, or an enhancement to the Essential SBIs.
Extended - Standard, benchmark, or indicator added by the FCPS Program of Studies generally used to differentiate instruction for advanced learners (Honors/GT)