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What is FCPS Online Campus?

FCPS Online Campus is a program run by Fairfax County Public Schools to offer new educational choices to students. It is designed to present educational material and credit courses at the high school level to students using online resources.

Who may take a FCPS Online Campus course?

Students registered in a Commonwealth of Virginia public school may take an online course with the FCPS Online Campus. These courses are for students who have scheduling conflicts, have special medical needs requiring a home or hospital setting, have special needs requiring a flexible schedule, need to meet the Virtual course graduation requirement, or those requiring an alternative setting to complete high school graduation requirements.

Will I receive credit for these online courses? How much credit is each course worth?

All FCPS Online Campus Courses are accredited by FCPS. Completing a FCPS Online Campus semester course is worth 0.5 credit and completing a year-long course is worth 1.0 credit. Please see the course catalog for more information.

Are there fees involved for FCPS Online Campus courses?

As long as the courses taken do not exceed the standard course complement for the district (7 courses per semester for high school students) there is no charge for FCPS students during the normal school year.  However, if a FCPS student exceeds the course complement (for example a high school student already taking 7 courses at a local high school decides to add an online campus course), a fee will be applied:  $340 per semester course and $680 per year-long course. If the student is outside of Fairfax County Public Schools' district, they will be charged a fee: $390 per semester course and $780 per year-long course.

How do I contact my teacher if I have questions?

Each teacher will have an e-mail account, which will allow you to reach him/her easily, as well as voice mail. Frequent online class sessions, online discussion groups, and online conferences with teachers provide opportunities for interaction.

Must I own a computer to take a FCPS Online Campus course?

If you plan to take a course at home, a computer is essential. However, if you have access to a computer at school, at a friend’s or relative's home, or plan to use the Fairfax County Public Libraries for computer access, you can still enroll in courses. You must have reliable, easy access to a computer and the internet before enrolling in any online course.

Does FCPS Online Campus follow the same semester schedule as the high schools, or do I work at my own pace?

The FCPS Online Campus does follow the FCPS calendar for quarterly, semester, and yearly deadlines.  All online courses have daily and weekly assignment deadlines, just like a base school course.  Courses must be completed within the current FCPS year-long, semester, or summer school schedule.

Are there deadlines for my lesson or unit assignments?

Deadlines and assignment calendars are included with all course information. Students are expected to meet these deadlines and to turn in work punctually.  The FCPS Online Campus follows the FCPS Grading and Reporting policies.

In what ways does an online class differ from a traditional course?

An online class is similar to a traditional face-to-face class by having: a teacher, daily lessons, homework, due dates, class discussions and assessments. The difference is that this is an internet-based course. The course material is interactive and student-centered. Students are responsible for their own learning, and they can personalize for their learning styles. The student must actively engage in searching out information and finding the answers to questions. Online connections with other students and experts around the world, along with a rich array of current and evolving resources, provide an active learning environment.

Are the teachers trained to teach online?

Yes, all of the FCPS Online Campus teachers are trained to teach online.

Will FCPS Online Campus students have to take the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) test for SOL based courses?

All students enrolled in a Standards of Learning course will take the SOL exam for that course at a scheduled time and place within their Virginia public school district.

Are there textbooks or other reading materials required?

Each course will list the materials or books required on the course syllabus.  Some courses require reading materials such as novels or textbooks. These will be provided to students, either in hard copy or through online access.

How will I take exams? How will they be graded?

Online exams will look similar to other course assessments taken in the traditional classroom. Quarter, mid-term and Final exams will be given at a local high school, or administrative center.  These face-to-face exams are mandatory, and they proctored by the course teacher or a school official.  In some courses, assessments may also be project based. Grading follows the FCPS Grading and Reporting policies.

What if I fail a traditional class and want to retake this class through FCPS Online Campus?

Students may retake a course online but should not expect the online course to be easier. Online courses are quite rigorous.

Does FCPS Online Campus offer the same course as found in the traditional high school?

FCPS Online Campus courses follow the same Program of Studies and pacing as the FCPS base schools.  Although the online courses offer the same content, presenting the course online provides an opportunity for open activities and discovery learning. The resources available in some courses are immense, allowing for expanded learning experiences.

Will I interact with other FCPS Online Campus students?

Students meet weekly with their teacher and other online students through a virtual synchronous class session.

What if I am having trouble with a course or need extra help?

Students can speak to their teachers online or via email for additional help and guidance.

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