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What is FCPS eCART?

FCPS eCART (Electronic Curriculum Assessment Resource Tool) provides teachers and school administrators access to web-based, FCPS-approved curriculum, assessments, tools, and resources that support K-12 teaching and learning.

The development of eCART is allowing FCPS to lead the way in demonstrating how technology can support instruction by providing up-to-date curriculum, resources, and assessments to teachers in the classroom. This undertaking is one of the first of its kind in education.

Students and parents will notice the impact of eCART primarily in the area of assessment for learning. Twice a year, students in select grades and subjects will take divisionwide assessments that will provide data to teachers and curriculum specialists to identify student learning needs.

eCART gives teachers access to the most current FCPS curriculum and resources for planning and delivering instruction. eCART also allows teachers to create and deliver both FCPS- and teacher-created assessments, helping guide the day-to-day instruction of students. Teachers are able to share results with students and parents through the student's FCPS 24-7 Learning account.

FCPS eCART has the flexibility to support future requirements and meet the FCPS student achievement goals of academics, essential life skills, and responsibility to the community. Future developments will increase teachers and school administrators access to longitudinal data in the Education Decision Support Library (EDSL eCART), in addition to Best Practices tools, documents, and FCPS resources.

eCART Features

Curriculum Repository

  • The curriculum repository contains the most up to date FCPS Program of Studies (POS) that is explicitly linked with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL)
  • The curriculum repository contains FCPS-approved curriculum materials and pacing guides to facilitate consistency throughout the county
  • The curriculum repository is an efficient way to distribute and update curriculum resources

Assessment Tool (HORIZON)

  • Horizon contains a variety of division assessments including SOL practice tests and catalog tests
  • Horizon contains correlated test items that can be used to create assessments
  • Keyword search features allow users to easily find curriculum content and resources

Reporting Tools (HORIZON and EDSL eCART)

  • The reporting tools provide real-time assessment reports to provide teachers with feedback to help plan and guide instruction
  • Longitudinal data is tracked to connect current data with past performance

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