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Level IV Eligibility Notifications:

Families will receive notification about eligibility decisions from the spring screening process for full-time level IV AAP programs during the first week of May. Letters will be sent from the AAP office through U.S. mail to your home address if your student went through the spring screening process. Dates and times of orientations at level IV and local level IV centers will be included in letters for eligible students.

Continuum of Advanced Academic Services

Level IV Center PlacementHigh SchoolMiddle School Elementary School

Middle School

Young Scholars K-12

Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies Grades K-6 (Level 1)

Differentiated Lessons in Areas of Academic Strength Grades K-6 (Level 2)

Part-Time Advanced Academic Programs Grades 3-6 (Level 3)

Full-Time Academic Program Grades 3-8 (Level IV)

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Elementary School

Middle School

High School, AP, and IB

Screening, Testing, and Identification

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Parent Information Packet:
Testing, Screening, and Identification
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"What educators and psychologists recognize as giftedness in children is really potential giftedness, which denotes promise rather than fulfillment and probabilities rather than certainties about future accomplishments. How high these probabilities are in any given case depends much on the match between a child's budding talents and the kinds of nurturance provided."

Dr. Harry Passow, Expert in Gifted Education


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