Photo Gallery 2014 - 15

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Students and their families in the Annandale High School Pyramid learned about community resources, got ready for school with new supplies, and enjoyed treats from sponsors.


This former Carson Middle School student designed and created a mural that reflects the tenets of Portrait of a Graduate.

Members of the class of 2015 at Edison High School get ready for the 2014-15 school year by making their mark on the school rock.


Students at Sunrise Valley Elementary School are greeted by the school mascot on the first day of school.

Middle school students at Robinson Secondary School get acclimated to the locker situation with classmates.


Fourth grade students help deliver supplies to classrooms on the first day of school at Westgate Elementary School.

New patrols are on duty as buses arrive for the first day of school at Deer Park Elementary School.


Centreville Elementary School students walk in a line to their new classroom on the first day of the 2014-15 school year.

Students at Rocky Run Middle School compare their schedules for the 2014-15 school year at the back-to-school fair.



Students got a sneak peek at the learning spaces during an open house at the new Bailey’s Upper Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences.


Mount Eagle Elementary School students wait for the school doors to open on the first day of the 2014-15 school year.

Eagle View Elementary School students participated in the annual Chalk4Peace event, expressing what peace means to them in art form.


Students were able to meet their new teachers at the Haycock Elementary School open house.

Students are escorted into school by safety patrols on the first day of school at Union Mill Elementary School.


Parents escorted their children to the first day of school at Washington Mill Elementary School.

Kindergarten students wait to be escorted to their classroom on the first day of school at Poplar Tree Elementary School.


Students in Jeff Cooper’s social studies class at Herndon High School created an assembly line to distribute textbooks on the first day of school.

Principal Greg Brotemarkle greets students in the cafeteria at Terra Centre Elementary School on the first day of the 2014-15 school year.


Teachers and students work together on the first day of school at the new Bailey’s Upper Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences.


At Sandburg Middle School, students catch up with old friends and make new friends on the first day of the 2014-15 school year.




Patrols are on duty as students get off their buses on the first day of school at White Oaks Elementary School.



Poe Middle School sixth grade students set their goals for the year and post them for their classmates to see.

Two benches near the playground areas at Deer Park Elementary School have been designated as inclusion benches to help find partners for students who want to play. Efforts such as this are being used to create community within classrooms and in the school.



Sophomores at Oakton High School created life-sized “portraits of a 10th grader,” using the sophomore essential skills adapted from the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate.



School based technology specialist Brian Herberger shows Kilmer Middle School students how the new 3D printer works.


Rocky Run Middle School students show their school spirit on the first Spirit Day of the school year.

First grade students at Churchill Road Elementary school go on a nature scavenger hunt to identify and catalog native plants on the school grounds.


Kay Chodoronek’s sixth grade class at Virginia Run Elementary school measured the dimensions of the Mayflower, then discussed how many people could fit on the ship, what supplies it would have carried, and how long the journey took.

Members of the Herndon High School band visited nearby Clearview Elementary School to put on a special performance for the younger students.


Students and parents sign up for band during back to school night at Hybla Valley Elementary School.

Students at Kent Gardens Elementary School held a pep rally to reinforce the new school guidelines for behavior with each grade level performing a chant, rap, or cheer.

























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