Human Relations

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) defines good human relations as positive interactions that promote a spirit of collaboration and learning, based on a sincere respect for the diversity within FCPS.

The five standards of good human relations are:

  1. Inclusion - Maintain learning and work environments where students, parents,
    staff, and the community members feel supported, respected, and valued for who they are.
  2. Diversity - Demonstrate respect for, awareness of, and sensitivity to differences within FCPS.
  3. Modeling - Provide innovative programs that foster a positive human relations climate.
  4. Partnering - Foster relationships that encourage the participation of all stakeholders.
  5. Communication - Facilitate ongoing dialogue between students, staff, and community members.

Human Relations Liaisons

Human relations liaisons enrich school communities by serving as a point of contact for staff, students, parents, and the community at-large regarding human relations issues. They assist the principal in monitoring the human relations climate, promoting programs and activities that foster positive interactions, and ensuring that human relations concerns are addressed. 

School-Based Human Relations Committees

School Human Relations Committees (HRCs) promote awareness of cultural differences and foster positive learning environments and school climates. HRCs are composed of staff, students, parents, and members of the community. While the work of these committees varies from school to school, they share a common theme—the promotion of activities that foster positive human interactions throughout FCPS. 

The School Board’s Human Relations Advisory Committee

The Human Relations Advisory Committee (HRAC) consists of individuals representing School Board members and the School Board student representative and members nominated by community organizations and school administration. The HRAC’s charge for school year 2010-2011 is to explore the issue of student bullying and harassment, to compile a compendium of efforts FCPS is making to address the issue and to educate all about this critical issue. The HRAC charge, annual reports, and other information pertaining to their activities are available here.

Human Relations Committees & Liaisons

Efforts to Promote Good Human Relations


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