Teacher Performance Evaluations

The FCPS teacher performance evaluation program is customized to align the process with professional growth and learning opportunities and with our system’s strategic goals. The program meets the Code of Virginia performance evaluation requirements.

The three main components of the Teacher Performance Evaluation Program:

  • Seven performance standards: Define the criteria expected when teachers perform their major duties. There are seven performance standards teachers are evaluated against.
  • Key elements: Provide examples of observable behavior that indicate the degree to which teachers are meeting each standard. Often called “look-fors,” they are things one would look for if the teacher was successfully performing the standards; these are not used as a checklist.
  • Performance matrix: A rating matrix for each performance standard that includes a qualitative description of performance at each level---Highly Effective, Effective, Developing OR Needs Improvement, and Ineffective. Effective is the expected level of performance.

Teachers will be evaluated using seven standards using multiple data sources. Standards 1 through 6 (Professional Knowledge, Instructional Planning, Instructional Delivery, Assessment of and for Student Learning, Learning Environment, Professionalism) are weighted at 10% each (for a total of 60%); standard 7 (Student Academic Progress) is weighted at 40%.

Current employees interested in learning more about teacher evaluation can visit our Intranet page at http://fcpsnet.fcps.edu/hr/teacherevaluations/index.shtml. If accessing from a non-FCPS device, VPN login will be required.


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