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SmartFind Express, the substitute system for FCPS,  is experiencing difficulties with its online functions. The Division is working with the vendor to restore full access as quickly as possible.

Currently,  the web-based component is unavailable to teachers, subs and users at Gatehouse. The phone-based system is functioning.  If you are requesting a sub or obtaining a sub-position, please use the phone-based system. The phone number to access SmartFind Express is: 703-962-1572. If you have already successfully secured a sub position or entered an absence, you do not need to take any additional action as these requests are in process. If you have questions, please contact Sean McDonald, director of Talent Acquisition and Management at

An additional communication will be sent when SmartFind Express is back online.


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We are currently hiring: Substitute Teachers, Substitute Assistants, and Substitute Attendants.


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