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Dining Room Assistant

Dogwood Elementary School
Monday-Friday 10:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m.

Description: Assist students during lunch time. Supervise student clean up, keep order, and dismiss students to their teachers. Candidate must be friendly, energetic, assertive in maintaining expectations of cafeteria behavior, and love working with children.

To Apply:
Interested applicants should send resumes to Rebecca Forgy via fax (703-262-3197) or email to RLForgy@fcps.edu.


Dining Room Assistant

Forestdale Elementary School

Description: Assisting students during lunch time. Supervising student clean up, keeping order and dismissing students to their teachers. Friendly, energetic, assertive in maintaining expectations of cafeteria behavior, and loves working with children.

To Apply: Interested applicants should send resumes to Merrell Dade, via fax 703-822-2297 or mvdade@fcps.edu.


Dining Room Assistant

Haycock Elementary School
Monday-Friday 10:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m.

Description: Supervising students during lunch time; maintaining a safe and respectful environment in cafeteria; supervise students as they clean their table area; supporting schoolwide cafeteria rules, and dismissing students following their lunch period. This person must be friendly, energetic, and assertive in maintaining expectations for cafeteria behavior.

To Apply: Interested applicants should send resumes via fax (703-531-4097) or email to Kelly.Sheers@fcps.edu.


Dining Room Assistant

Lane Elementary School
$10.93 per hour

Description: Assisting students during lunch time. Supervising student clean up, keeping order, and dismissing students to their teachers. Friendly, energetic, assertive in maintaining expectations of cafeteria behavior, and loves working with children.

To Apply: Interested applicants should send resumes to Eleanor Contreras at emcontreras@fcps.edu.


Dining Room Assistant

McNair Elementary School
Monday–Friday 10:00 a.m. -1:30 p.m.
$10.93 per hour

Description: Assisting students during lunch time. Supervising student clean up, keeping order, and dismissing students to their teachers. Friendly, energetic, assertive in maintaining expectations of cafeteria behavior, and loves working with children.

To Apply: Interested applicants should send resumes to Monica Iskander via fax at 703-793-4797.


Safety & Security Assistant (Hourly)

Pimmit Hills Center
$16.75 per hour

Description: Performs a variety of duties required to maintain a safe and secure environment at Pimmit Hills Center during the normal school day; enforces the regulations establishing a tobacco-, alcohol-, weapons-, and drug-free school setting; may monitor students in a self-contained setting; and performs related duties as required or assigned.
Qualifications: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school supplemented by specialized safety or security environment training. Skill in oral and written communications and in record keeping. Ability to control students and maintain a healthy school environment. Sufficient mobility to move about school building and school grounds as required. Strength to deter and/or restrain students to prevent injury in cases of unruly behavior. Ability to successfully complete compulsory certification training approved by the Virginia Center for School Safety within 60 days of hire. Must successfully complete compulsory recertification training annually. Applicants must be 21 years old at time of appointment.

To Apply: Interested applicants should send resumes via fax to Bob Landon at 703-506-2266.


Employee Programs Event Planning - Hourly Position

HR – Strategic Communications and Employee Programs
Gatehouse Administration Center

$13.22 - $19.60 per hour (Commensurate with experience)
20-30 hours per week

Description: Temporary hourly help is needed in the strategic communications and employee programs section of Office of HR Business Services. This position serves as an events manager supporting the FCPS retirement functions and activities.  Must be able to accurately maintain and regularly update databases, track and report retiree information, and effectively interact with a variety of vendors. Must also be comfortable communicating in writing and verbally to FCPS departments and employees.  Skills with Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Access preferred.  Ability to process automated data, maintain data files, and produce standard reports required.

To Apply: Interested applicants should email a resume to Shawn.Finnerty@fcps.edu or fax to (571) 423-5047 by September 5, 2014.


Restorative Behavior Intervention Resource Teacher

Student Safety and Wellness Office (194 Days, 1.0 FTE)

Description: Licensed teacher or school counselor with at least four years of school based experience to instruct students about the social and emotional implication of their actions as it pertains to schoolwide behavior and future communication with others.  The instructor will provide students and parents with the latest information about changing and adjusting personal behavior in order to be productive in school and society.  Applicants must possess knowledge of the restorative justice process and an awareness of community resources is required. 

To Apply: Interested applicants should send a resume with cover letter by September 2, 2014, to Clarence Jones, coordinator, Student Safety and Wellness Office, at Clarence.Jones@fcps.edu or fax to 571-423-4277.


Title I Academic Support Resource Teacher

Fairfax Ridge Center (218 Days, One Year Only)

Description: The Title I Academic Support resource teacher serves as a member of the Instructional Services school support team, collaborating to provide tiered supports for identified Title I schools within the division school support plan. Provides ongoing monitoring and support for schools with Virginia Department of Education requirements, including planning and reporting using the web-based Indistar tool. Supports division efforts for closing achievement gaps through developing and implementing strong academic supports within schools. Collaborates in development of Title I professional learning experiences focused on deep implementation of evidence-based highly effective instructional practices, including tiered student interventions to further school improvement efforts. Collaborates to build connections between academic supports and family and community engagement practices within Title I professional learning and family engagement experiences. Reviews and monitors Title I, Part A grant requirements and budgetary planning for alignment with effective school reform practices.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with collegiate professional certification with endorsement in elementary education, reading specialist, and/or mathematics specialist. Administration and supervision endorsement preferred. Minimum of three years successful experience as classroom or resource teacher with progressive leadership assignments. Experience working in schools with high levels of poverty preferred. Experience planning and facilitating professional learning experiences, to include coaching practices. Experience interpreting and using data for instructional decision-making. Experience implementing research-based student interventions preferred. Demonstrates deep knowledge of content and pedagogy in literacy and/or mathematics, to include best practices for instruction and assessment in literacy and/or mathematics. Demonstrates knowledge of current research on impacts of poverty, adult learning theories, and multitiered system of supports. Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills.

To Apply: Interested applicants should send resumes to: Terry Phillips, Title I educational specialist, tephillips@fcps.edu.


Open Until Filled 

Supporting the FCPS Middle School After-School Program

The Fairfax County Public Schools Middle School After-School program affords interested candidates the opportunity to work with groups of middle school students in a variety of academic, enrichment, youth development, and recreational activities from 2:30–6 p.m. daily. We are looking for help with a myriad of activities to include, but not limited to, tutoring; teaching drama, dance, cooking, painting, gardening, and creative writing; supervising a literacy, math, technology, or science activity; coaching a sports activity; or teaching aerobics. Work 1 to 3 hours per day for 1 to 5 days a week at multiple sites or simply concentrate at one location. Candidates must be able to establish excellent rapport with middle school students and have a willingness to serve as a positive role model. The ability to communicate and collaborate with other after-school staff, classroom teachers, administrators, parents, and community members is essential. Salary is dependent on experience and education level. This is an excellent opportunity for elementary, middle, and high school teachers to supplement their income. Openings available in 26 FCPS middle schools.  Interested persons should e-mail or fax a letter of interest along with a resume to the after-school program specialist at the middle school of interest. To find the appropriate middle school contact information, visit the after-school web site, click on the link to the middle school, and search for the after-school program specialist contact information.

Homebound Teachers Needed

Part-time, Hourly position
$31.09 per Hour

The homebound instruction program, which provides teachers for students unable to attend school because of medical or disciplinary reasons, is looking for additional teachers. All teachers with a valid Virginia license are welcome to apply. Teachers with Virginia certification in special education, math, science, and world languages are critically needed. This instruction may take place during the school day or after school hours for contracted teachers. For further information about this program, contact:

Gloria Wilkins  

Clusters IV, V, VI (West Springfield)


Patricia Hedgepeth

Clusters I, II, VIII


Janice Gaither

Clusters III, VI,  VII,


Jeanne Veraska

Out of School Support

571 423-4335

School Crossing Guards

Part-Time Employment with Fairfax County Police Department

Controls traffic to ensure the safe and orderly movement of student pedestrians to and from school. Uniforms and training provided. High school graduation or G.E.D. required. Applicants must satisfactorily complete a criminal background check and medical exam provided by the Occupational Health Center.

Crossing Guards earn sick and annual leave. They are able to participate in a retirement program and may be afforded the option of enrolling in a health plan. For more information, please visit www.fairfaxcounty.gov/police/jobs/school-crossing-guard.htm

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Where can I apply for a position with FCPS?

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How do I create an account?

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I’ve applied for several jobs. How can I find out the status?

Keep the job number or job ID handy and call our Client Services Office at (571) 423-3000. They may be able to help you, or will forward your call to the appropriate specialist.

Can I change my application once it’s been submitted online?

Unfortunately, once you click the submit button, you cannot change your application. You can, however, upload any additional documents onto your profile, which will be viewable by our hiring specialists.

The password reset feature isn’t working for me. How can I access my account?

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Can I apply for the same job more than once?

You can only apply to a job one time.  If the same job title is advertized again, with a different job ID number, you may apply.  The system will deny duplicate applications for the same job ID number.


Can I save an application and finish it later? 

Already started an application and need to stop for now?  Click “Save as draft”.  Although your application will be saved for 30 days, the job you’re applying for might be closed or removed from the website before then.  Once logged into your CareerQuest profile, from the Welcome screen, click “Saved drafts”, then click “Continue”, to finish up your application.

What is the Withdraw button? My application status says Withdraw next to my submission, but I did not withdraw! What do I do? 

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What does Reactivate mean?

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I do not have a computer at home.  How can I apply?

You may visit us, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm:

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We have computers for applicant use, as well as friendly staff, ready to help.  Public libraries also offer an alternative for free computer usage.

How can I add an attachment to my application once it’s been submitted?

Once logged into your CareerQuest account, click “Edit your profile”.  You will see your contact information, as well as other tabs for education, work experience and attachments.  Click the grey “Attachments” tab.  You can browse your computer’s files and upload any additional documentation here.  Anything you upload here will be viewable by our employment specialists.  Be mindful to upload each document type separately, as attempting to upload a file that is too large will result in an error message. 


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