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FCPS Get Active is an online physical activity platform focused on uniting and motivating employees to reach healthy goals. Two county-wide fitness challenges are organized each year in the winter and spring, in which employees can compete against each other for fun, fitness related prizes. The platform is open for use year-round on which employees can track activity, see progress, and challenge colleagues.

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Registration beings March 9
Challenge begins April 11
Challenge ends June 5


Test your Limits and Improve your Fitness with the Level Up Challenge.

Take your fitness to the next level with the Level Up challenge! Receive a set of customized weekly goals to meet over the course of the 8-week challenge. Each time a goal is met, you advance to the next level! Participants can also help teammates reach their goals by giving them a "boost". Regardless of your fitness ability, this friendly team competition will help you achieve healthy goals and reach new levels of fitness. Registration opens Wednesday, March 9 on the FCPS Get Active platform.


Logon to the FCPS Get Active platform and join a team. Invite people to join your team by sending invites through the platform, or browse a list of teams that have open spots.


Want to walk more? Exercise more frequently? Lose weight? In the Level Up challenge, you'll receive a personalized fitness plan that makes achieving these goals attainable and fun. With your team cheering you on, you'll have support, encouragement, and friends to help you reach new levels of fitness week after week. Need help? Your colleagues can even give you a "boost" to help you reach your weekly goal.


Chart your progress toward better health. Log your exercise minutes and/or steps to meet your weekly goals and move up to the next level of the competition. You can easily track from your computer and mobile device, or through your team captain.


Take advantage of the entire platform and the connectivity it provides to chat with colleagues. Level Up makes getting healthy and achieving your goals easier by using your social network to make fitness fun.






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Appalachian Trail Recap

Leaderboard Results

1st place - Lee Lancers

2nd place - Blazing Bulldogs

3rd place - The Walking Tread

Total Participants

3,285 employees

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Total Steps Walked

1.2 billion


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