Retirement Benefits and Savings Plans

Defined Contribution Retirement Plans (Tax Deferred Retirement Savings)

The 403(b) and 457(b) plans are tax deferred retirement savings plans available to employees of public educational institutions, government agencies and certain tax-exempt organizations.


All employees are eligible to participate at any time.


Full-time and part-time salaried employees of FCPS are eligible to enroll in the Plan on their date of hire or any subsequent date during employment with FCPS.

Defined Benefit Retirement Plans (Pension Plans)

FCPS participates in 3 different pension plans for its contracted employees. These plans are administered by independent agencies. To learn more about each plan please visit that agency.


  • For full-time educational, administrative, or support employees (monthly-paid)


  • For maintenance, custodial, food service, transportation, and less-than-full-time educational, administrative, or monthly-paid support employees.


Life Events

New hire/rehire

Family status change

Time away from work

Leaving employment

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