Department of Human Resources

Our Mission

By recruiting, developing, recognizing, and retaining outstanding employees, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is committed to building a world-class workforce dedicated to educational excellence.

Talent Acquisition & Management (TAM)

TAM is dedicated to selecting and hiring an outstanding and diverse workforce committed to fostering educational excellence. This includes handling the recruitment and hiring for each FCPS position. Employment also ensures all teachers maintain appropriate licensure.

Equity & Employee Relations (EER)

EER ensures the equitable administration of applicable federal, state, and FCPS regulations and laws impacting the FCPS community. It fosters positive relationships between the school system and its employees, advisory councils, and certified organizations. EER administers the employee evaluation, grievance, and appeal processes; mediates and investigates staff, student, and community complaints of discrimination while also processing requests for medical and religious accommodation. It facilitates compliance with legal requirements associated with Title IX and the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Office of Benefit Services (OBS)

OBS is responsible for employee insurance programs including medical, dental, life and long-term care; flexible spending accounts; tax-deferred retirement savings programs; and coordination with retirement agencies; and organizing employee wellness programming. The Disability and Leaves unit oversees the Integrated Disability Management program.

HR Business Services (HRBS)

HRBS supports the FCPS workforce and the effective operation of the Department of Human Resources. This includes conducting new employee onboarding, fielding HR-related inquiries, administering a robust employee recognition and awards program, overseeing retention initiatives, and supporting employee communications efforts. Business Services also develops and manages the department’s fiscal and technology resources.

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HR News

Same sex marriages recognized in Commonwealth of Virginia as of October 6, 2014. Read More

Click Here for more information on adding eligible dependents.

Middle School STEM teachers may be eligible to receive up to $8000 in incentive awards.

MS Teachers with a VA five-year teaching license & an endorsement in Middle Education: Algebra 1, Biology, Chemistry Earth & Space Science, Physics, or Technical Education who are currently assigned to a full time teaching position in a corresponding subject area may be eligible to apply to a recently created pilot program. Eligible participants will receive a $5000 incentive award at the completion of the school year and may receive an additional $1000 incentive at the end of each of the following 3 years.

This pilot program is run by VDOE. The specifics and application are available in Superintendents Memo 211-14.


Salary Increases for FY15

Step increases will be awarded to eligible employees next school year. Find out if you are eligible and when you will see an increase. Continue Reading...

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