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Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs get kids physically active and take cars off the road. In the same time frame we have seen student walking and bicycling to school decline from 48 percent (1969) to 13 percent (2009).  During this time period that percentage of parents using Kiss & Ride has increased.  The increase of Kiss & Ride users has exacerbated traffic conditions around many schools and has made it more difficult for student walkers/bicyclist to get to school. 

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) administers the federal SRTS grant program.  The VDOT SRTS program assists interested localities and schools in the development of plans, activities, and infrastructure improvements to make bicycling and walking to school a safe and appealing transportation option for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. 

Bike and Walk to School Day

Important Dates

March 7, 2014 - Saris Bicycling Poster Contest due date

March 20, 2014 - VDOT QuickStart Mini-Grant due

April 2, 2014 - Walk to Work Day sponsored by American Heart Association

April 17, 2014 - VDOT QuickStart Mini-Grant due

May 7, 2014 - Bike to School Day | Posters Promoting Bike & Walk to School Day

May 16, 2014 - Bike to Work Day

VDOT Recognizes FCPD/FCPS Crossing Guards as Most Outstanding Crossing Guards

  • Crossing Guard Appreciation Day
    Outstanding Crossing Guards
    Phyllis Krapf, Armstrong Elementary School
    Phyllis Krapf Phyllis Krapf, Armstrong Elementary School, was awarded the Outstanding Crossing Guard of the year by the Virginia Safe Routes to School Program. Mrs. Krapf is an outstanding crossing guard! Her mantra must be "the kids' safety comes first." She makes cars, school buses and even police cars wait for pedestrians.
    Families and students know that she is there to help them safely cross the busy Lake Newport Road. She definitely goes above and beyond when she looks out for students safety.
    Sherry Mull, Stratford Landing Elementary School
    Sherry Mull Ms. Mull is present, energetic, armed with a broad smile as she approached the daunting task of ensuring the safety of 915 students arriving at Stratford Landing daily via bus, car, and foot. She has a lot of passion for her job and demonstrates this passion every morning and afternoon as she keeps us all safe. Daily, she places cones throughout the area alerting cars to make a safer space for students to walk. She has purchased reflective gear to wear and hold, making her a bright sight on Riverside Road, so cars are award of her directions at all times. She supports our dismissal by helping with bus flow out of our bus circle and this facilitates a smoother dismissal. She regularly communicates with the school administrator and patrol sponsor about issues on Riverside Road as well as offers helpful suggestions for our school that we can share with parents. Ms. Mull is an outstanding Crossing Guard, loved by our community and feared by drivers who are easily intimidated to slow down and stop because of Ms. Mull's excellent skills and fearless style.
    Honorable Mention Crossing Guards
    Joe McDonald, Lutie Lewis Coates Elementary School & McNair Elementary School
    Joe McDonald Congratulations to Mr. Joe McDonald, Coates ES Crossing Guard! The Virginia Safe Routes to School Program has selected Joe McDonald for the Outstanding Crossing Guard Honorable Mention.
    Mr. Joe McDonald is a true asset to our school, LL Coates ES. Over the years, he has not only performed his duties with the utmost care and safety for the students, but has gone above and beyond to support their success as well. Mr. McDonald attends many of the evening community and school events, such as the fall and spring band, strings, and chorus concerts and the fall festival. He has also been a mentor for a student and continues to reach out and to build positive relationships with our students and staff. In addition, whenever there are concerns about the safety and well-being for the students, he is the first person to meet with the administration to problem solve ways, such as a new Kiss-n-Ride plan, to ensure that all of our students can come to school and go home safely. His conscientiousness and dedication to his job goes above and beyond the call of duty. Without Mr. McDonald, our community and school would not be complete! He truly is a wonderful person and one who demonstrates our motto of "Respect, Responsibility, and always Ready to Shine!"
    Chester Robinson, Crestwood Elementary School
    Chester Robinson Chester Robinson, has been a crossing guard at Crestwood for the past 9 years. Chester is far more than your average crossing guard. He is a Vietnam Veteran who has an extensive background of knowledge in various areas. Once his duties are completed in the morning at his post, he comes into the school and begins his day. He is a mentor, tutor, book room organizer, cafeteria host, school crisis team member, buddy reader, manages all keys in the building, volunteer coordinator for high school students during PTA meetings, and PTA member. Parents stop him daily to thank him for his contribution to the community and for his dedication to safety. Just last week, a parent new to our school stopped in the office to thank him. The family had just made a decision to move their children to our school after being home-schooled. The father came in and said to Chester, "I know we made the right choice, after day two, when I saw my child stop you and give you a hug of thanks". Parents stop and thank him daily for what he does, our school is fortunate to have Chester as part of our school community!

VDOT SRTS Grant Application Information/Resources

Examples of FCPS School Travel Plans for Infrastructure Grants

National SRTS Resources

Local SRTS Contacts for Information

FCPS Office of Safety and Security can provide maps, local statistics, review, and provide system-wide approval for local SRTS School Travel Plans.  Additionally, OSS will install bike racks at schools at no cost to schools.  Contact information:

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) is an integral part of all VDOT SRTS infrastructure grants.  All infrastructure grants will need to be approved by FCDOT and the Board of Supervisors (with the exception of infrastructure grants within The Town of Vienna, Town of Herndon, and City of Fairfax).  The FDOT Pedestrian Program coordinator is the administrative lead on these projects and assists FCPS on school sidewalk projects. 

The Department of Communications and Community Outreach (DCCO) leads the school division's efforts to maintain responsive and collaborative communication and partnerships with parents, employees, businesses and community, and the media.  DCCO provides media outreach (news releases) for school events.

Advocate groups that can assist school events/planning for cost

Advocate groups that can assist school events/planning at no cost

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