Facilities Planning Advisory Council (FPAC)

FPAC Background

On September 23, 2010, the School Board approved the formation of a Facilities Planning Advisory Council (FPAC) as a new advisory council of the Board. The mission of the advisory council is to advise and inform the staff and School Board in the development of comprehensive, long term plans for facilities needs in the most effective and efficient way.  FPAC is made up of 13 citizens – one from each Fairfax County magisterial district, one from the City of Fairfax, and three at-large members.

Facilities-related issues that may be considered by the advisory council may include, but are not limited to:

  • school program capacity
  • enrollment and projections
  • transportation and operating efficiencies related to facilities planning
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) prioritization
  • creative financing and construction strategies
  • scope of renovations
  • school closures and new schools
  • student accommodation planning (building additions/modular relocations/ review of school boundaries)

The creation of FPAC is the result of a recommendation by the School Board’s Comprehensive Plan Development Committee (CPDC), which is charged with designing a recommendation for a comprehensive facilities planning process in order to address:

  • A need for increased public awareness when a school boundary study was eminent;
  • A need for increased public validation that facilities issues existed which could require a boundary study;
  • A need for a more regional, long range approach to facilities planning that is not provided in the current Capital Improvement Program (CIP) development process.

CPDC’s research led to the decision to create and to establish an “umbrella planning group” to interact with staff, the community, and the School Board, by providing district-wide comprehensive planning oversight and guidance. The establishment of a Facilities Planning Advisory Council will serve to further the intent of School Board Policy 8120, Facilities Planning, School Planning, which directs the preparation of a Capital Improvement Plan, program based school capacities, size and location of schools, periodic boundary adjustments and most importantly, community involvement.

Information on the Facilities Planning Advisory Council revised Charter, adopted by the School Board June 21, 2012, may be found here.

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Contact Information

Please email your questions to fpac@fcps.edu

Board Liaison:

Sandy Evans
Mason District Member

Staff Liaison:

Jeffrey Platenberg
Assistant Superintendent
Department of Facilities and
Transportation Services

Kevin Sneed
Special Projects Administrator
Design and Construction Services
Department of Facilities and
Transportation Services

Aimee Holleb
Facilities Planning Services
Department of Facilities and
Transportation Services

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